SMA in France


UPDATE 11/10/17: Due to our current low enrollment, the French language school in Nice has asked to change our dates. This means our trip is now scheduled to run from June 8-June 23rd. To avoid further changes to our itinerary, Francesco and I urge you to register before December 10!

UPDATE (10/2/17): Please note that due to airline pricing we will now be flying in and out of Paris (as opposed to the original itinerary, wherein we were to fly into Nice). This brings our overall pricing down to $4653 for a group of 10-14 participants and $4281 for a group of 15 or more ! Please see the Itinerary and Flight Information tabs for more information.

Thank you so much to those who attended our 9/28/17 informational meeting for the 2018 France trip! For the benefit of those who couldn't make it, here is a summary of what we covered:

    1. First, you will find a beautiful color copy of our itinerary under the “Itinerary” tab on this site. It has all of the information of the black-and-white copy distributed at our meeting, but infinitely more charm ;)
    2. If your family has made the decision to register your daughter for our trip, you will need to log in to our registration portal and provide some basic info. Click the "Registration" tab at the top of this page for credentials and directions.
    3. Specific flight information will be available soon. The cost of the trip includes the flight. Any family wishing to meet their daughter in Paris at the end of our trip for an extended vacation can call 1-800-304-9446 and talk to customer support about doing so. Flight change fees may apply.
    4. We will discuss some of the following specifics at our pre-departure meeting in March or April, but some of the topics we covered at our meeting include:
          • Sending a debit or credit card with your daughter in lieu of large sums of cash.
          • Checking with your phone carrier about international calling, text, and data rates. Your daughter may bring her cell phone, but know that Ms. Rogers will take it away faster than you can say “Mais non!” if she’s not exercising moderation.
          • Girls will be in pairs in host families. Ms. Rogers will visit each host family within the first day or two of arrival.
          • Language classes will be held every morning we are in Nice. A placement test will be held upon our arrival to establish each girl’s level. Morning French classes will be co-ed and will likely have other international students from around the globe.
          • No vaccines are required to enter France.
          • We are able to accommodate dietary restrictions. Please make those known on your registration.
    5. Finally (phew!), I’ve also added Prométour’s safety protocol (under the “Safety Protocol” tab). Just some good info to have.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Francesco Petrozza (our contact at the Prométour travel company) at