SLZ Inc. is a construction technology company that provides groundbreaking software solutions that significantly cut the time needed for construction and design. 

We use AR/XR to allow virtual visualization and modification of the construction design on the actual site so the user can immediately find out the conflicts to solve in real time. Our proprietary software also performs design automation, finding the most optimal design for the construction in minutes. We are leading a new field of construction technology that combines traditional construction methods with AI, BIM, VR, and IT.

We are committed to providing innovative contech solutions that contribute to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Sustainability.

Easy and Accurate Implementation

We provide a field-oriented Contech solution that makes it easy and accurate to implement difficult and complex projects.

Smart Contech Services

SLZ is pursuing a business model that combines IT and construction, where designers, builders, and software developers work together.

LiDAR Scanning 3D Site Survey 

Through LiDAR Scanning, the current condition of the project site is quickly digitized and recorded as accurate spatial information DATA.

BIM Design

We build spatial data through three-dimensional design and create information modeling according to the national standard format.

BIM-VR Digital Twin

We simulate 3D scanning data and 360-degree site photos with VR.
We implement a digital twin that can compare the construction site and the master plan in real time and record the site management by date according to the process rate.

Environmental Analysis VR Simulation

We analyze thermal comfort using IoT thermal imaging cameras and analyze the flow of fine dust according to wind direction with VR fine dust simulator. We propose a technology that improves the thermal environment and reduces fine dust through sufficient review and analysis before construction.

Remote Construction Supervision

We review construction consistency with digital twin that records progress and monitors site management status in real time.

By applying the remote construction supervision solution, the site situation can be easily shared through the web link (HTML), making it easy to manage overseas sites. 


Smart Routing AI

This is a solution that implements automation of the High-Tech MEP design process. Our design automation algorithm creates 3D routes instantly while avoiding existing interference. 

The solution creates adjustable design solutions with options of the minimum joints, shortest distance, or least amount of interference. Smart Routing AI is an add-on program compatible with BIM software, including Revit by Autodesk. 

ConBuild One

ConBuild One automates the process of converting BIM data into a digital twin model that works in augmented reality. 

The solution provides a quick visualization of information and interactive operations that can be utilized at the construction site. AR navigation can be implemented in high-tech MEP design and manufacturing Plants. 

The main users include plant designers, civil engineers, and architectural designers. The solution supports diverse AR/XR Devices, including MS Hololens and tablets. 

ConBuild Plus

ConBuild Plus is a software solution that provides AR and VR lookbook services for architectural and interior design plans using Android mobile phones and tablet PCs. As a more intuitive and effective communication tool, it can be used in various fields such as design, construction, real estate sales, and marketing. 

Converse One

Converse One manages construction processes and issues management via web service using 360 image data. Construction site information is implemented as a metaverse space based on image data taken with a 360 camera. Using Converse One, it is possible to check site information and status by area point, see the current location via mini-map, and manage the construction process directly.

Converse Premium

Converse Premium is a web service that enables real-time supervision by creating a metaverse space using construction site information via drone 3D scanning. BIM and 3D scanned data are overlapped to allow an intuitive and three-dimensional process review.

Tree Doctor IoT Remote Kit

Tree Doctor IoT Remote Kit is a solution that remotely maintains the growing environment of trees in real time through the IoT sensor system. Collecting environmental data makes it possible to diagnose and take action remotely.

Design and Construction Process Innovation BIM-AI Construction Management


Construction Management

The construction environment using BIM data is rapidly changing, and the demand and need to respond to technology trends based on artificial intelligence are increasing. We are committed to developing innovative global solutions and services through BIM-AI technologies for the design and construction processes. 

Explore design space coordinates & Space Coordinate Matching at Construction Site

XR LiDAR 3D Scanning

Analysis of Construction Errors and Automatic Calibration

Process rate analysis


Augmented Grounds

International Garden Festival 2020

Augmented Grounds is a landscape installation project that was proposed and constructed for the International Garden Festival in 2020 at the Jardins de Metis/ Reford Gardens in Gaspésie, Quebec, Canada. This winning proposal considered the theme of Metissages and history of the Métis culture, where our team used a generative algorithmic design method and Augmented Fabrication technique to provide a playfulm spacial experience.

The project was constructed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the project team being unable to be present for construction due to travel restrictions of the pandemic, our team introduced a cloud-based digital twin communication platform; and together with AR technology, guided the construction team on site and allowed for the smooth and successful construction of the gardens with minimal errors and communication issues.

DDaogi Children's Park

Promote to be created between the Mokgam Water Quality Restoration Center and the Children's Cultural Center.

This park is created between the Mokgam Water Quality Restoration Center and the Children's Cultural Center. The "Remodeling of Play Environment in Ddaogi Children's Park" flattened the existing protruding facility inspection zones to organically create a large civic square and combined childrens play area with soft, colorful rubber floor finishes.

Shinil Park

A children's park with safety and amusement

As the park facilities are aging, efforts have been made to improve residents' quality of life so that they can efficiently use the park and provide a pleasant environment by supplementing the facility functions preferred by local residents.

 Shinil Park replaced the old and underused play facilities with more creative and exciting play structures like basket swings, rocking play, and seesaws. New park provided public amenities such as benches, outdoor exercise facilities, trails in green spaces, and upgraded overall plaza with concrete blocks and resilient paving to improve the user convenience and safety.

Shinheung Children's Park

A park with children's safety and various amusement facilities.

The Shinheung Children's Park construction is aimed at improving the problem of poor drainage due to the aging of amusement facilities and unbalanced sand pavement. First of all, the aging amusement facilities and the buried sand were demolished to carry out the infrastructure work for the new facility. And we checked the gradient to ensure smooth drainage, installed a drainage channel at the bottom of the slope, and poured concrete. 

New amusement facilities (combination playground, basket swing, seesaw, and rocking playground) were installed on the cured concrete, and a park with children's safety and various amusement facilities was completed with colorful rubber chip packaging.

Dowon Children's Park

A park with children's safety and various amusement facilities.

The Dowon Children's Park construction is aimed at improving hygiene problems caused by the lack of childrens amusement facilities and the entry of animals into sandy amusement spaces. In terms of construction, two fences were installed in the sand-packed play area, and the green area installed a mesh fence to prevent animal access, and a play design fence that combines playboards and benches inside. In addition, a 24m play pavement was created on the existing block pavement to diversify the amusement facilities in a narrow space.