First Grade

We are looking forward to the end of the quarter and starting up our last quarter of first grade. Your child has made amazing growth as a student, and is getting ready to show some 2nd grade behaviors.

Your child is working on written responses to text. After reading and rereading, we discuss and then use what we know to answer questions. This is a process that takes a long time, so little steps are in order.

Our science unit is now all about habitats. We've almost finished the polar regions, and we'll be moving on to deserts.

Math continues to be addition and subtraction facts through 20, as well as using a 120 chart to find a number, then identify what's 10 less, 10 more as well as 1 less and 1 more. We are working on fluency of facts, so keep in mind that practice at home is highly recommended. have your child also sort and identify coins. they can count by 1s, 5s and 10s very well. We have started fractions, so ask your child to help measure halves, fourths and thirds.

It is vital that students read and practice their skills at home. Every day should include spelling practice, reading to your child, and listening to him or her read. Without this valuable time you'll spend with your child, skills don't progress as quickly as they should.

Welcome to first grade!

This week in April will bring us some sight words and the spelling pattern of oo as in look and boom.

Weekly Readers are part of our non fiction reading materials, and our next issue, we will be reading about This non-fiction reading allows us to learn about the structure of informational text.

Your child is reading on a daily basis. Please be sure to practice every day with your first grader. It's very important that the foundational skills in reading and math are built this year.

We have added a weekly newspaper to our writing each Friday to practice our handwriting and composing skills. Making sentences into paragraphs is the goal!

Please make sure your first grader is ready for outside recess with the proper cold weather gear.

We will continue line dancing with Mrs. Bowen in our classroom every Wednesday morning. The second graders are doing great and we want to be that good too. Yee Haw!

Spelling for week of April 16-20 sight words and oo words, with sounds like book and boom

  • moon
  • brook
  • wood
  • took
  • book
  • boom
  • spoon
  • tooth
  • why
  • went

  • Bonus : raccoon

Please practice as many sounds as you can. It's great to reinforce new spelling skills with everyday items at home! Your children are doing a great job!

Reminder!!!!! Every Friday is ice cream day. Please let your child know if they may or may not have ice cream and send $1. if you are allowing them to get one. We have had tears!