First Grade

We are looking forward to our Veteran's Day assembly next Thursday. We will be writing letters of appreciation to our local veterans.

I am hoping to put together a trip through our community to meet the very important people that help our town succeed. More information will follow.

Welcome to first grade!

We will be working on reviewing all short vowel sounds and blends in reading and spelling. Please study the words below with your child.

Weekly Readers are part of our non fiction reading materials, and our next few issues are going to be about Veteran's Day, our community, Pilgrims, the Wampanoag, and gingerbread ! This non-fiction reading allows us to learn about the structure of informational text.

Your child is reading on a daily basis. Please be sure to practice every day with your first grader. It's very important that the foundational skills in reading and math are built this year.

We have added a weekly newspaper to our writing each Friday to practice our handwriting and composing skills. Making sentences into paragraphs is the goal! Our third issue is headed home today! It's short, but your child chose the topic and illustration.

Spelling for week of November 6th-9th

We will be doing a review of all short vowel sounds before taking on the long vowel sounds next week. The list is: last, ten, top, flip, tug, pat, stem, stop, him, must, and bonus, crust

Please practice as many sounds as you can. It's great to reinforce new spelling skills with everyday items at home! Your children are doing a great job!

Reminder!!!!! Every Friday is ice cream day. Please let your child know if they may or may not have ice cream and send $1. if you are allowing them to get one. We have had tears!