SLUSD Work-based Learning

"Local employers and organizations should play an active role in preparing students for college and career because fostering these relationships now will help them to build a stronger, more committed local workforce in the future"

- Tanya Forsberg, community member


"Employers need to get involved with their local schools early and often. Making sure that students see viable jobs, right in their hometown, can inspire school and career choices. And the more that schools know what their best employers need, the better the curriculum will prepare students to thrive in those careers."

- R. Hale Foote President, Scandic Springs, Inc


Through mentorship, students are more likely to complete high school and are prepared for post-secondary education, trade schools, or entry-level job success.


Through industry collaboration, we can prepare students to be career-ready, providing them a better chance of getting into college, obtaining a full-time job, and earning higher pay.

Support work-based learning

Through multiple ways of support, SLUSD can expand work-based learning opportunities to serve more students while strengthening the community and inspiring the next generation.