SLUSD Mentorship, Internship & Work-based Learning Programs

"Local employers and organizations should play an active role in preparing students for college and career because fostering these relationships now will help them to build a stronger, more committed local workforce in the future"

- Tanya Forsberg, community member

The Graduate Profile Supports

College & Career Readiness

The San Leandro Unified School District’s (SLUSD) Graduate Profile is a shared vision that identifies a set of student outcomes to define what all graduates should know and be able to do in order to be prepared for post-secondary education, career, and civic participation.

Work-based Learning is an education strategy that links classroom instruction to work-related experiences, aims to increase student's technical skills and knowledge, and helps shape career decision-making. Work-based Learning is offered on campuses or in community locations and includes explorations, simulations, student-led enterprise, service learning, community classroom or cooperative education, internships, and apprenticeships.