Treating Muscle Dysfunction Using Selective ERRg Compounds

SLU ID 17-026 | ERR Ligands For The Treatment Of Muscle Dysfunction

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This invention is the development of novel and selective compounds that modulate the nuclear receptor estrogen related-receptor (ERR) gamma. These modulators can be compounds that act as an agonist a the receptor or as an inverse agonist .


Researchers at Saint Louis University have developed compounds that modulate nuclear ERR gamma.


The potential benefits of this technology include

  • Agonists of ERRg have the potential to treat a number of therapeutic diseases.
  • Inverse agonists of ERRg may be useful in certain cancers.


This technology has potential application for treatment in metabolic diseases, muscular dystrophy, Duschene's muscular dystrophy.


Saint Louis University is seeking partners to further develop and commercialize this technology.