Grade 4

Brittany Tricamo

Room 12

Katie Peters

Room 17

Classroom Updates- written and submitted by Emma Ventrella

Week of March 5- 9

This week, because we have minimum days, writing has been cut short. But in the part of writing that has not been cut, we have been doing a read aloud of a book called By The Great Horn Spoon, by Sid Fleischman. We are currently almost finished with the book and on Thursday we left off at a very intense part where one of the protagonists, Praiseworthy is missing and the other main character, Jack let go of his pouch of gold to save himself from drowning. Then on Friday, we tried to finish the book at the end of the day but weren’t able to due to a time crunch.

In Reading, we have been learning the importance of reading partners and brainstorming how and what to talk to our reading partners about. Then we gave Mrs. Tricamo a slip of paper, listing at least three of our peers that have about the same reading level as us and that we could be good partners with. Then, on Wednesday we got new reading partners and new reading carpet spots.

In Math, on Monday we received our grades from a few big math tests. Then throughout the week we did math quizzes and fun geometry activities. We learned how to play a game with cards with shapes on them then we were given clues and we had to eliminate some cards and pick which one was the card that Mrs. Peters was reading the clues of.

As usual, in P.E. we have been doing fun, active games that helps us with skills such as: punting, throwing, etc. In music class, we have been learning new songs, and doing our weekly worksheet and check-up. In library, we are working on doing a lego activity where we make a lego creation representing our science unit, water. Some people are making wells, showing ways to conserve water and more.

As a fun art project, we have been drawing the San Luis Obispo mission on a floor tile. We finished the drawing last week and we started painting it this week. Our art teacher is Mrs. Johnson who has been teaching the art project for years. Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Ticamo got a grant to buy the tiles and to bring Mrs. Johnson to our school so we could do the mission tile like all the fourth graders at Sinsheimer have done in the past. The project is based on the fact that we studied California missions for a while, a little earlier in the school year. Though, not everybody did the San Luis mission, we all live in San Luis Obispo so our teachers decided to do this mission. The missions will be displayed at the Open House and parents or guardians will receive their child’s artwork after that.

Thank you!

Emma Ventrella and Ruby Latta

Week of February 13-17

In Writing we are now working on a persuasive report instead of a personal report. The difference between a personal and persuasive essay is that a persuasive essay is not supposed to be connected to something special in your life but a personal essay is supposed to have something special.

In Reading we are still working on the gold rush. This week we had a debate on which route we would have taken if we were people from the gold rush, the Overland route/Oregon Trail, the Cape Horn route, and the Isthmus of Panama.

In Math we have been working with protractors and time. On Thursday, we had a big math test that tested our skills with time and elapsed time. We were taught a game to use protractors on Friday and which helped us with identifying angles with protractors.

In Science we are presenting our water assignments and finding which class(es) we are going to show what we made about water. We can go to kindergarten, 1st grade, second grade, third grade, 4th grade both classes, 5th, or sixth grades to present to.

Every kid in a park

By Michael Wilkinson

If you are in fourth grade and your family wants to go to a national park, save some money and get the Every Kid in a Park pass {click on blue to go to the website}. You have to print out voucher and hand it to the person at the entrance of the park. Then they will give you the pass which you will have to sign it then it’s yours. The pass is good through August 31st of 2018. I went to Yosemite just last weekend and the pass saved me 30 dollars for the entrance fee! With the pass I got to see the highest waterfall in North America;Yosemite Falls. Plus, you’ll see Bridalveil Falls, El Capitan, Half Dome, and more! This program is totally free so have fun with the pass and explore the USA’s fascinating national parks!

Michael at Yosemite National Park

Week of January 29- February 2

In Math we are learning about measurement. We are learning about length, time, and ect. Length and time are the 2 we have learned so far but we are going to learn a lot more about measurement.

In Science we all made a water filter with our table teams using big rocks, fine rocks, leaves and sand. The better filter was the one with more layers and the turbidity was a ten.

In Writing we are drafting editing and revising our opinion essays. We have been trying to draft as much as we can.

In Reading we are reading about the gold rush. Every different group of 4 people have a partner and they either read the story with their partner or by themselves.

Week of January 16-19

I took a break but I’m back!

In Writing we are writing opinion essays. We are writing our paper about a thesis, and our thesis is about something important to us.

In Reading we are helping on a project. The project is called We Need Diverse Books. The school district lent us a lot of books that are divided by grades. We read a book and do a summary, a lesson plan, and a couple tips.

In Math we have been using and learning different and new strategies of adding instead of a standard algorithm.

In Social Studies we have been writing about a California mission. We are able to have one more day to work on it before turning it in. We could either make a slide about our mission, make a new document, create a replica of the mission, a video about our mission, or a poster.

Week of December 4-8

In Writing we have started drafting Chapter 2 of our rock books. Mrs. Tricamo hopes to have all of us be done by this Friday, but we may not all be done by then. If we are all not done by then than she will extend it to Monday or Tuesday of next week.

In Reading we have been reading The Tale of Despereaux. There are 4 books in the one bigger book. We are on the 3rd book about a character named Miggery Sow. If you read the book yourself you will know how amazing it really is!

In Math we are learning about decimals and fractions. We are learning how they are alike. We have also been learning how they can be equal, how they can be a decimal and a fraction in the same amount. We also had a fraction and decimal test on Thursday.

In Art instead of doing art in the art room because the book fair is in the art room we had art in our own room. This Thursday was our last art session for this school year. We all thanked her and said goodbye we all had high hopes for next year in fifth grade when we would see her as our art teacher, once again.

As an extra we had hour of code this week. We did it with our buddies and by ourselves. We did a Moana one with our buddies and we did any coding game by ourselves.

We are excited to perform at the assembly on Friday!

Week of November 13-17

In Math we did lots of pages on fractions and improper fractions. We also are learning about equivalent fractions.

In Writing we were learning how to do our conclusion and also trying to finish drafting, editing, revising, and publishing. Our due date was on Friday at 12:00 p.m.

We had fun exploring the new park for our Fall Party. Thank you to the parents that joined us and helped provide dessert!

As an extra………...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember to give thanks to your peers, friends, family, and the person/ people who cook you food because they worked very hard to make you and your family food for Thanksgiving. And maybe give people working on Thanksgiving a tip because they are missing their families on Thanksgiving to go to work.

Fun times at the new park!

Week of November 6- 10

In Reading we read our book club books and did our assignment and took notes. Also, Mrs. Tricamo introduced us to different ways of summarizing. We found and brainstormed different ways that we can summarize and we told things we need to do for summarizing.

In Writing we started to make a packet to organize our notes and decide what text structures we are going to use. Mrs. Tricamo told us to try and not use the same text structure for each paragraph about the different rock types. We are holding off on writing our conclusion.

In Math we played math games with a partner and we did two math pages. Mrs. Peters gave us resources to help us with our problems. Like she gave us fake money for one problem, for a fraction problem she gave us strips of paper to cut and or write on, and a piece of paper with clocks on it for a problem about time.

In Art today was our last day of weaving. Next week we are going to take the string/ yarn out off of the palate that we all weaved on and it will be like a mini rug.

As an extra we prepped for our parent, teacher, and student conference. Also, we have been silent reading instead of bell ringers. We can't read fiction in Mrs. Tricamo’s class but in Mrs.Peters class we can.

Week of October 30- November 3

In Reading we have been making notes about Everything Rocks and Minerals the book that were reading about and we are going to write about. We all are making notes for rocks and minerals. We just changed to unit 2 and we are learning about informational texts.

In Art we switched from weaving and we went back to our pottery. We glazed our pottery in beautiful colors. Some people did patterns, stripes, splatter, dots but what all of the pottery had alike… was it's all unique and colorful!

In Writing we are making even more notes about earth and also rocks and minerals. All of our notes has to be connected to our main topics. They can’t be like: aliens boosted up to the space ship. It all has to be informational not any fiction.

In Science we are learning about food webs and chains. Some of us made a slide about food chains or food webs. Mrs. Peters has been handing out cards that we can make food webs or chains with our table groups/ teams.

Week of October 23- 27

In Reading we changed reading partners. There was an exciting twist in Despereaux (dust-Buro) inside of the passage today. We had a pre- assessment where we had to summarize a nonfiction text about tornadoes and hurricanes.

In Math we had an assessment that wasn’t exactly a test but it will be graded. We made a story problem for each of the multiplication equations.

In Art we weaved our looms. We had a yarn table with lots of different styles of yarn. Like there was fuzzy yarn, soft yarn, and strait yarn. It had lots of different colors and varieties.

In Writing we are all reading our stories to the class we are graded on our listening and speaking. We have a checklist to help us get a better grade. Mrs. Tricamo said that the paper is like a cheat sheet.

In Social studies we all made our slides. In my opinion it was a very fun activity. I think everybody had fun but again, i'm just guessing.

As an extra this week we had a spirit day. The theme was to wear your halloween costume. There were lots of different costumes and activities:

Week of October 16-20

In Reading we had read aloud, we haven’t read Despereaux (dust-Buro) in a while. We have had a lot of birthday books this week.

In Writing we are getting ready for publishing our writing, and on Friday we are reading our reports to the whole class. Mrs. Tricamo sent out an email to our parents to practice listening and speaking over the weekend.

In Science we learned about phytoplankton, zooplankton, lakes, rivers, and ponds. We have been observing our aquarium, and doing our focus questions every week, like this week our focus question is: What are the environmental factors in an aquatic system? We get questions like that every week, then we pile up our books and Mrs. Peters grades our focus questions and we get them back to look at in the morning.

Something extra that we did this week is we all tried to find a quote that goes with next week's asset of the month. We got the asset of Creative Dreamer. We also get to perform next month. We don't know what we are going to perform at next month's asset assembly.

Week of October 9-13

In writing we are writing a story whether it's a personal narrative or a fictional narrative or if it's a story that you make up the character! We are going to finish that story next week. We all have our on demand test this week on Friday. An on demand test is a test that we get 40-50 minutes and we have to write some type of story but no aliens or space ships and other stuff like that.

In art we are going to make a weaving project with wire and yarn. We get to start weaving the yarn next week. Our art teacher Mrs.Packard is going to put our clay in the oven and it will shine when she takes them out.

In science we had a field trip on Wednesday. We got to learn information from a Master Gardener. A master gardener takes a 40 hour course about gardening. We also got to: pet a cow, dissect owl puke, and we also got to fake milk a cow.

Week of October 2- 6

In math/number corner we are working on multiplying by tens. We just started working on the math stations. We have: tech time, math by myself, math games, teacher table,and we all have our names on a magnet and she puts our names under the station we are going to be at that day.

In reading we talked about 4th graders not reading enough. We are writing the problems and solutions for the problems we came up with. We have a new system where she has a board with sticky notes on them and you either go to the table or to the carpet to read and talk about whatever is on the side of the sticky note is what we are going to be talking about with her.

In art we started making a clay bird bath that we made a critter/animal with. You had to make sure to make the clay was as thick as a pencil. So it didn’t crumble and break. We have to wait 2 weeks for them to actually dry and not to be as fragile.

In science we had a big back to back science test. We were allowed to look at our science book to help us with the harder problems. We also played a game on our computer where we got to monitor an isopod terrarium and find out if we can keep them alive with certain things in the terrarium to see if they can still survive with or without them.

In writing we did a practice on demand test. An on demand test is to see how good you can write a story in 40-50 minutes. We will get them graded by Mrs. Tricamo. We have our publishing party this week. Our parents were sent an email saying that they can come to our publishing party.

Week of September 25- 29

In Writing we are starting to write our stories on our chromebooks, we are going to use that to help us to revise, edit, and finish drafting if you haven’t already finished. We learned about metaphors, a simile, and personification.

In Reading we are still reading Tiger Rising. We started doing a report about Rob the main character. We have been talking about how you don’t want your character to be flat you want it to have many different sides like one is she and doesn’t talk and another is nice hardworking and light.

In Math/Number Corner we are learning place value right now. We have been doing worksheets with our partners. Also, we are updating our number corner charts and working in our books with a partner.

In Art we did the details and like all of the spines or flowers. We used either oil pastels or colored pencils. After class, we did an art walk and we looked at the different paintings of cactus and flowers on the cactus and we did some compliments when we were done and had extra time at the end of art class.

In Music we used our music books as some type of desk so that we could take a little test for her to learn more about us. The test had what is your favorite movie/tv show,what is your favorite artist/song,and what is your favorite style of music.

In Science we have been observing our terrarium. We picked out some thing from our terrariums to put back outside and take out of our terrariums. Also, we have been trying to figure out which ones are sowbugs and which ones are pill bugs.

Week of September 18-22

In writing class we have been drafting. We are in the middle of drafting and revising. We all got to pick a brighter color for the heart of our story. We all got to choose from blue ,pink ,yellow ,and green. We have until Friday for drafting our stories.

In math/number corner we have been working on measurement, we are using worksheets to help us with learning more about measurement. We are practicing our Ancient Egyptian numerals. We are also trying to compare them to the modern numerals of today.

In art we use watercolors to do our negative space and the greens on the cactus. We had a blank bookmark that we used to sample the different colors that we could use in our cactus and sunset or nighttime sky in the negative space.

In music we used our books to sing a song while keeping the beat of the song. We sang two songs from our books.

In reading we read more from Tiger Rising. We learned to extract the different sides of a character. We extracted two of the sides from a character named Sistene from Tiger Rising.

Week of September 11-15

In writing class we are now starting to draft our stories. We are reading Tiger Rising in our read aloud, also, we are reading it in reading and writing class. We have been developing our characters and drafting and writing around the seed idea.

In science class we are learning about mealworms and pill bugs/roly poly, most of our mealworms are in the pupa stage but some mealworms are already beetles. This week we are on our second focus question, this time it is not about mealworms it is about isopods. Our focus question is: What moisture conditions do isopods prefer?

In art class we drew the rest of our cactus and picked our favorite to draw on our finishing paper. We used oil pastels on the finishing paper to make sure when we use the watercolor it doesn’t bleed through our design of the cactus. We made a bookmark of some different colors we can use on our cactus painting. Next week we are going to use the watercolor on our cactus.

In reading class we are learning how to find just right book. We are also trying to progress to reading a page of your book every minute like if you read for 30 minutes on your homework hopefully you would have read 30 pages of your book. But that also depends on how many words are on each of your pages, and on how fast you read.

In Social Studies we are trying to learn about California like what did they wear, or what is the tallest or oldest tree in California.

In math class we had a big math test and we used all of the resources we could. We pretty much skipped number corner today. Our math tests took a while today we studied on Wednesday for our test. We used our homework from the two of the previous nights. We studied our multiples and our multiplication facts.

Week of September 5-8

In science class we learned that after the larva stage the mealworms turn into pupas. It is like they are in hibernation they are still and they twitch, so it looks like they are dead. We learned that after the pupa stage the mealworms turn into a beetle, they have 3 legs on each side of their body, 2 eyes, 2 antennas on each side of its head, and a thorax.

In writing class we learned about Realistic Fiction. We wrote mini stories about things that happened in our lives but we tweaked them a little bit. We had to write 3-5 mini stories and pick our favorite(s) to extend and use for our assignment.

In reading we talked about how you need to try to find that just right book that you love. We have been talking about that for a couple weeks. We also have been trying to read the same book every day at school and at home.

In art class we got our paintings from two weeks ago to make them look more professional. She told us we were going to sketch a cactus. We used the framers to see how we wanted it to be.We just did the rough draft today, but next week we are going to do the negative space, meaning the space on the outside.

First Week Activities:

Science engineering challenge!

Eclipse view from school.