Grade 4

Brittany Tricamo

Room 12

Olivia Ray

Student teacher

Katie Peters

Room 17

4th Grade Blog by Lydia. Published 8/31/18


In math so far this year we have been learning strategies to solve multiplication problems, And learning how to use the same strategies to solve division. New to this week - we have been using ST math.


In reading we have been trying to set ourselves up for a great reading life this year. That means choosing good books, and sharing good books to others, if you read one you think they would like to to read that book.


Science is new to the second week of school. So far we have studied mealworms: their structures and their habitat in the classroom.


So far this year we have been setting up ideas for Personal Narratives. We are finishing drafting them and next week we plan to revise our drafts.

...Social Studies

In social studies this year we will be learning about Califronia.So far we have learned about California's four regions. The deserts, the coast, the mountains, and the valley. We are making a MyMap to take place of a report.