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Room 12

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Room 12

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4th Grade Blog by Lydia.

Published 12-4-18

What has been happening in the classroom?

Reading: In reading we are researching different types of extreme weather. Then we made a slideshow to present our information. Recently we have changed our topic to a different type of extreme weather.

Math: We have been working on fractions, with egg cartons, geoboards, and even Hershey's chocolate bars!

Writing: In writing we have finished our realistic fiction stories and have started our essays. We are getting a good thesis, three good reasons, and at least two pieces of evidence for each reason. We are collecting evidence in folders, and are now on our way to drafting.

Science: We haven't done Science recently because, we didn’t have time with the PBL (project based learning.) project we have been working on.

Social Studies: We have recently finished a slideshow on the early explorers of California. We have just started our PBL on the making the 22 mission.

Published 10/1/18.

What is happening in fourth grade?

The fourth graders are getting pet fish in Mrs Peters room!

Math: In math we have been learning about factors and multiples. Mrs. Peters wants us to have learned all our math facts before November.

Reading: Right now in reading we have been learning that characters are complicated, that they always have more than one side to them.

Science: In science we are studying food chains and food webs. Since we got new fish we will be studying the environmental factors of an aquatic system.

Writing: We have now finished our personal narratives and are starting to revise our realistic fiction. Stories that could happen in real life, but have not happened to us.

Social Studies: For the next few weeks we will be researching Native Americans. In the end we will make a digital poster called a google drawing.

Published 8/31/18


In math so far this year we have been learning strategies to solve multiplication problems, And learning how to use the same strategies to solve division. New to this week - we have been using ST math.


In reading we have been trying to set ourselves up for a great reading life this year. That means choosing good books, and sharing good books to others, if you read one you think they would like to to read that book.


Science is new to the second week of school. So far we have studied mealworms: their structures and their habitat in the classroom.


So far this year we have been setting up ideas for Personal Narratives. We are finishing drafting them and next week we plan to revise our drafts.

...Social Studies

In social studies this year we will be learning about Califronia.So far we have learned about California's four regions. The deserts, the coast, the mountains, and the valley. We are making a MyMap to take place of a report.