English Article of the Week


Article of the Week (AOW) is a weekly assignment. Each week students are given a nonfiction article - either related to the content or a current event. Students are given the article on Monday and expected to read the article as HOMEWORK. Along with reading the article, students are expected to respond briefly in their READING NOTEBOOK. On Fridays, the class will use the articles during discussion and vocabulary activities.


The number one purpose of using AOW is to expand students' background knowledge. In order to become better readers, students need to have a "fountain of knowledge" to understand vocabulary and context. Also, by getting students interested in issues of today, I can build interest in issues found in literature. Finally, expanding knowledge of the world can help students identify topics in which they are interested in for any informative or argumentative writing that we do.


Parents can help this process by reading the articles each week and having discussions with their child about what they are reading.

Ask your child:

  • What article are you reading this week? Tell me a summary of the topic.
  • What is your opinion on the article this week?
  • What did you learn from your article this week?
  • Why was the article either interesting or uninteresting to you this week?


AOWs will not be given points for completion because that does not align with the grading philosophy of the class. However, we will use the work in the reading notebook to reflect on our vocabulary growth each quarter, so keeping up with the AOWs will be assessed. If you are concerned about your child keeping up with their weekly homework, the best way to hold them accountable is to ask the questions listed above.

Articles of the Week (18-19)

Week 1, Aug 20-24: 10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Everyday Q: What is the most important benefit of reading?

Week 2, Aug 27-31: "The Health Benefits of Journaling" Q: How are a daily practice of writing and your physical health connected?

Week 3, Sept 4-7: "Free Brian Williams" podcast from Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell Q: Should Brian Williams have lost his job?

Week 4, Sept 10-14: "It’s Not Time to Free Brian Williams Just Yet" Q: Jeffrey Vernon claims Malcolm Gladwell made two errors in his reasoning. Explain the two errors.

Week 5, Sept 17-21: "Having Your Smartphone Nearby Takes a Toll on Your Thinking" Q: What was the conclusion (result) of the research? What do the researchers think is the cause? What do they propose?

Week 6, Sept 24-28: None - Book Club Homework instead

Week 7, Oct 1-5: None - Book Club Homework instead

Week 8, Oct 8-12: None - Book Club Homework instead

Week 9, Oct 15-19: None - Book Club Homework instead

Week 10, Oct 22-26: "Former UCF YouTube kicker Donald De La Haye files lawsuit against Knights" Q: Why did Donald De La Haye lose his scholarship? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Week 11, Oct 29-Nov 1: "The migrant caravan - explained" by Dara Lind. Q: What are 3 things you learned from the text in the article? What are 3 things you learned from the graphs in the article?

Week 12, Nov 5-9: "Yosemite deaths highlight the danger behind those glorious Instagram posts." Q: Write a summary of the article and label your claim, evidence, and so-what conclusion.

Week 13, Nov 13-16: none - Magazine Article Homework instead

Week 14, Nov 26-30: none - Magazine Article Homework instead

Week 15, Dec 3-7: "Domesticated dogs..." Q: Write a summary paragraph of this article. What claim does this article make? What evidence does it use to support that claim? Finish your summary paragraph with a so-what conclusion.

Week 16, Dec 10-14: "Anthropomorphism..." Q: Write a paragraph that explains the benefits and drawbacks to anthropomorphism in the real-world. Then relate this to the book, The Call of the Wild.

Week 17, Dec 17-21: None

Week 18, Jan 7-11: "What's closed during the partial government shutdown?" Q: What are your thoughts on the proposed wall and its effect on the government shutdown?

Week 19, Jan 14-17:

Week 20, Jan 22-25:

Week 21, Jan 28-Feb 1:

Week 22, Feb 4-8:

Week 23, Feb 12-15:

Week 24, Feb 19-22:

Week 25, Feb 25-Mar 1:

Week 26, Mar 4-8:

Week 27, Mar 11-15:

Week 28, Mar 18-22:

Week 29, Mar 25-29:

Week 30, Apr 8-12:

Week 31, Apr 15-18:

Week 32, Apr 22-26:

Week 33, Apr 29-May 3:

Week 34, May 6-10:

Week 35, May 13-17:

Week 36, May 20-24:

Week 37, May 28-31:

Week 38, Jun 3-6: