AP English & Creative Writing

Monday, 3/19: AP English Seminar Agenda

  • Share Homework Responses
  • Read Question #3 AP Student Sample Response
  • Prepare for Socratic Seminar
  • Pygmalion Socratic Seminar
  • Homework: None

Monday, 3/19: Creative Writing Agenda

  • Notebook Check on Friday
  • Collect Character Worksheet Homework
  • Scene Writing lesson
  • Read Sample from The Great Gatsby (End of p. 4 through the beginning of p. 9)
  • Read Sample from Love Me Back (p. 9-11)
  • Writing Exercise
  • Homework: Finish revising your Transparency Project. Due tomorrow. FORMATTING MODEL HERE. DOUBLE SPACED AND 11/12 POINT FONT. PUT ON AN ORIGINAL TITLE.

Tuesday, 3/20: AP English Seminar Agenda

  • Pygmalion Socratic Seminar
  • The Comedy Ladder and Comedic Techniques
  • Homework: None

Tuesday, 3/20: Creative Writing Agenda

Wednesday, 3/21: AP English Seminar Agenda

Wednesday 3/21: Creative Writing Agenda

Thursday, 3/22: AP English Seminar Agenda

Thursday 3/22: Creative Writing Agenda

Friday, 3/23: AP English Seminar Agenda

  • Homework:

Friday, 3/23: Creative Writing Agenda

  • Homework: