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Our home page is the roadmap for parents and students to follow throughout the year. There are two teacher pages and two shared calendars (one for 5th grade and one for 6th), all updated once a month. There is a separate page for our CIMI Study Trip, which includes most of the instructions for preparation, plus forms you may print out. We will add a page for the Yosemite Study Trip for 5th graders.

Be sure to check here monthly for important news and reminders about Room 22 and 23 announcements, events, activities, assessments, deadlines, etc.

Students should check their grade-level calendar weekly, for homework assignments and other due dates.

One of our biggest goals of 6th grade is to make autonomous young adults. Your child is successful with your support and guidance, but we expect them to be self sufficient in checking this site for homework and other materials that are important. We welcome the 5th graders in Room 22 to explore the challenges of 6th grade. Just think how ready they'll be next year!

Sixth Grade Supply List

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5th Grade Academic Year -at- a -Glance

6th Grade Academic Year-at-a-Glance

Parents: the following link will take you to the CAASPP site which contains a video explaining how to read your child's test results from SBAC:

For more information about school events, visit the Teach Elementary School Website :

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