Technology & Living

Course Introduction

Technology & Living is the learning of how human beings solve their daily problems and how to replicate and transfer the skills to solve new problems that arise from time to time. There are three elements in this subject:

  • Design & Technology (DT)
  • Home Economics (HE)
  • Information Technology (IT)

You will learn two out of the three elements in each year. And you will do a final year project in S3 to apply all the skills you have learn from different modules.

S1 (IT + DT)

S2 (HE + DT)

S3 (IT + HE)

Teacher List


Kwok Wai Lun (DT), Lai Kar Hei (IT, DT), Pau Chung Wai (IT), Poon Kam Tak (DT)


Li Che Ping (HE), Liu Pui Shan (HE), Lui Chun Sau (DT), Poon Kam Tak (DT)


Lai Kar Hei (IT), Li Che Ping (HE), Liu Pui Shan (HE), Pau Chung Wai (IT)

Mark Allocation

TERM MARKS = Exam Marks (40%) + Coursework Assessment (C.A.) (60%)

The examination questions are mainly short questions and you should give complete sentence answers in most questions.

Coursework assessment includes workbook as well as practical work and classroom performance.


You should always complete your assignment yourself. If you are found to have copied another’s work, your C.A. will be withdrawn, and in such case, you are prone to get a fail in the term marks.


An e-portfolio is a collection of a student’s work that are shared electronically for the purpose of reflection, comment and evaluation. It is a website that enables students to collate digital evidence of student's learning.

In S1, students will create their own e-Portfolio by using Google Sites. Students then need to maintain this web site by posting their work throughout the three years of studying TL. To showcase their works, students can take photos, shoot short videos and write brief descriptions on their works.

At the end of each school year, student's e-Portfolio will be assessed by their respective TL teachers and marks will be given which will become part of the coursework assessment.