4th Grade Orchestra

Hello and welcome! This is the homepage for the 4th grade orchestra. Here, you will find helpful reminders, videos, and information about rehearsals, concerts, and concepts.

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The 4th grade orchestra begins in September and meets after school at the middle school on Tuesday and Friday. Students will need to be picked up at 4:30 on those days. We will not meet on days that there are early dismissals or no school.

4th Grade Orchestra Informance/Demonstration!

Who: 4th grade orchestra students and their parents/families

Where: Elementary music room

What: A mini performance/demonstration

Why: To show off what we have learned so far!

When: Tuesday, December 18th at 4:00 pm

Cookies to follow!

If you would like to bring cookies or other treats to share, please let me know ASAP!

Helpful Things From Class

Here is a link to the recording for Practice Time March

Hot Cross Buns

How to Hold the Bow with a Pencil

Ray's Midbell Music in Sioux City is our local music and instrument provider. They have great instrument rental plans available for parents and students. The cost of a violin or viola rental is around $23 a month - about the price of a McDonald's meal for a family of 4! The cost for a cello rental is only about $39 a month. More information can be found at this link:

Why Orchestra?

Your decision to provide your child with a quality musical experience is an investment in your child’s future. By making it possible for your child to play a musical instrument, you are providing them with the opportunity for self-expression, creativity, and achievement all while fostering a lifelong love for and appreciation of music.


For your child

Music participation enhances…

  • Musical skill and appreciation
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Goal-setting
  • Self-expression
  • Physical coordination
  • Self-confidence and esteem
  • Concentration and memory skills
  • Poise
  • And much, much more!

For your family

A child’s study of music also offers opportunities to share family experiences like…

  • Attending musical and cultural events
  • Family music-making and performing for and with family and friends
  • The enjoyment of an expressive art form present in every culture
  • Learning about the lives of composer and the cultural heritage of many civilizations
  • A sense of accomplishment and pride for the entire family

***There are two meetings in September for parents interested in enrolling their students in orchestra.***

The first meeting is on September 10th and is a 4th grade parents pre-orchestra meeting beginning at 7:00 pm at the middle school.

The second meeting is on September 11th and is a 4th grade orchestra/5th grade band open house at the middle school from 4:00-7:00 pm. If you have an interest in enrolling your student in orchestra, please have your checkbooks ready at the open house.