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SLHS Monday Morning Announcement Show

Come back every week to see what's going on at San Leandro High School.

Meet the Candidates

We interviewed all four candidates for San Leandro Mayor. Our Meet the Candidates show is now playing on the San Leandro Comcast Channel 15 and AT&T Channel 99. You can see the show Tuesday/Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m and Saturdays at 5p.m.

The Homecoming Halftime Show

The halftime show featuring our SLHS Pirate Band along with the Crowning of the royalty and the parade of classes.

Pirate Territory's Most Viewed Videos:

#1 The Twincipals Dance for the Morning Announcements!

#2 UC Personal Insight Workshop

#3 Free to Pee video about the right to pee in the bathroom of your choice.

#4 SLHS Physics/OSI Soft Energy Saving Project

Other notable shows:

One Love One Mic 2018

A livestream of the SLHS Social Justice Academy's yearly One Love One Mic show.

2017 Staff Homecoming Skit

The SLHS Staff ruled the homecoming skit competition with their Star Wars inspired special effects rich skit.

2018 Season of Service Assembly

The Season of Service, Period of Peace is a yearly project taken on by SLHS service clubs, academies, classes, sports and other groups. Each group takes on, plans, and executes a service project promoting peace, nonviolence, and togetherness.

SLed Talks

SLHS teacher Jill Synnott has her students do "Ted Talks" every year. We decided to film them and make them SLed Talks. Stay tuned as this year's SLed Talks will be even better.


The website for the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia. Broadcasting, live streaming, and many other SLHS projects have grown from SLAM beginnings.

SLHS Broadcasting

The website for the SLHS Broadcasting program. A pathway for the next generation of broadcast and content creators.