Our Learners Experience Appropriate Support and Challenge

Our learning and teaching article of the week covers principles for remote instruction. It's an excellent piece by Tom Sherrington.

This is an excellent article that looks at how we can address educational disadvantage through effective learning and teaching.

This article explains how effective the Frayer Model is when teaching vocabulary.

This article explains the importance of teaching vocabulary to help close the attainment gap.

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The Evidence Based Education ' Great Teaching Toolkit' presents 4 elements of great teaching:

  • Understanding the content

  • Creating a supportive environment

  • Maximising opportunities to learn

  • Activating hard thinking

This is a fantastic document for helping us to reflect on what makes effective learning and teaching, thereby helping us all to continue to improve.

Tom Sherrington looks at how we can re-establish teaching routines after lockdown. The focus is on four areas:

  • Classroom Interaction

  • Learning Goals

  • Checking for Understanding

  • Guided Practice

This article, fro Research School, suggests several practical strategies for reducing the impact of school closures on disadvantaged pupils.

Differentiated success criteria

Ms McLean demonstrated how to differentiate success criteria, worksheets, use of ICT and the best way to approach a mixed-level class.

This article focuses on strategies for effective retrieval practice. These are particularly helpful as we approach SQA exam time. Tom Sherrington, the author of this blog and an excellent book ‘The Learning Rainforest’ (available in our professional learning library), will be visiting us next session as part of our professional learning programme.

A fantastic source for learning and teaching materials.

This article is on strategies for improving boys’ attainment. It touches on almost all our framework principles, particularly ‘Our learners know what they are learning and why’.

A comprehensive guide to questioning strategies that will improve learning and teaching.

Don't let the name of this website fool you - here are some excellent questioning strategies for you to try.

The focus of this article is 'questioning'. This is a key aspect of several of our framework principles, particularly ‘our learners develop their knowledge’ and ‘our learners use feedback to improve.’

This is an excellent strategy for encouraging deeper thinking from pupils. It relates to two of our Learning and Teaching Framework principles:

Our learners experience appropriate support and challenge.

Our learners develop their understanding.