Our Learners Apply Their knowledge & Skills

Our learning and teaching blog of the week looks at study skills and helping pupils to become independent learners.

It is important to highlight that pupils need to ‘be explicitly taught how to study’.

The first part of this blog discussed some of the research around this, and the second part details a range of practical strategies including note taking, study trackers, retrieval practice and more. This will be particularly useful with NQ classes.

This article focuses on strategies for effective retrieval practice. These are particularly helpful as we approach SQA exam time. Tom Sherrington, the author of this blog and an excellent book ‘The Learning Rainforest’ (available in our professional learning library), will be visiting us next session as part of our professional learning programme.

A collection of different posts on effective revision strategies, from Heathfield Teach Share Blog. This relates to our framework principle ‘Our learners apply their knowledge and skills’, and contains lots of helpful tips for preparing pupils for their forthcoming exams.

This is a fascinating look at what revision (or learning) strategies work best. It touches on ideas such as retrieval and spaced practice. There is also a linked podcast. There is a lot here that we could use to help our pupils who are preparing for exams. This links most closely with our framework principle ‘Our learners develop their understanding.’