2019 All Leagues Information

From the CV Board and Swim Team regarding All Leagues this Friday and Saturday. The meet is being held at the Leola Community Pool- 23 E Main St, Leola, PA 17540

For Friday: Gates Open at 4:00pm and for Saturday: Gates Open at 7:30 am. Warmups times for Skyline are here. Note from our Team: Please make sure your swimmer is at the pool for relay warmups Friday night by 5:45pm and check in with the Coaches. For Saturday, please arrive by 7:45am if you plan on warming up. Make sure you check in with the Coaches when you do arrive at the pool.

Relay Starts:

Please remember all relays starts are out of water.

Site Map: (Tent Set Up)

Due to a large number of swimmers we have attending Friday and Saturday we have designated tent site areas for teams according to # of swimmers per team. The site map is attached to this email. We are encouraging teams to follow the site map in order for all teams to be accommodated and to ensure everyone has enough space.

Site's #1 - #9 are designated for our larger teams

Site's #10 - #18 are for average size teams

Sites #19 - #22 are smaller spaces

Here is a link with the site map and site assignment for teams: tinyurl.com/leagues2019

Parking: Arrival Information

  • Please use the EAST entrance (this is not the normal entrance for the pool) by following signage and parking attendants.
  • Do not drop swimmers off at a gate and than park. There is a drop off area if you are leaving immediately. You will not be able to go to parking if you use the drop off area.
  • If you are delivering a tent, we will have a drop off area for you.
  • Gates 1 and 2 will be used to enter for admission
  • Volunteers working the meet can check in at any gate.
  • NOT ALL PARKING IS SHOWN ON THE MAP, please follow parking attendants and signage.

Leola Pool Member Facility

Please honor the request that the baby pool, playground, bathroom facilities and recreational pool are off-limits. We will have plenty of bathroom facilities available for all teams to use.


Individual Events: Trophies 1st - 4th, medals 5th - 8th, Ribbons 9th - 12th

Relay Events: Medals 1st - 4th, Ribbons 5th - 12th

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask or look for a CV Volunteer in a Neon Green shirt! See everyone this weekend!

Good Luck to all!

CV Swim Board