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We are excited to offer Google Apps (G- Suite) as it represents an important step towards creating a learning environment that will enhance students' 21st-century skills, enabling them to become independent learners while also learning to collaborate with peers, activate their creativity and hone their communication skills. These tools will enhance students’ academic as well as non-academic skills that are required in today’s classroom to prepare students not only for college and career but also for lifelong success.

What’s included in Google Apps?

  • Gmail provides email storage with extra security including restricted incoming and outgoing email access. Emails by students in Grades 5 to 8 are restricted to within the South Kingstown School System Domain. These email communications are frequently reviewed and stored.
  • Google Calendar enables us to create and share school or class calendars with events which can be subscribed to by parents/guardians to receive automatic updates.
  • Google Docs lets students create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms. This also allows students to work together on projects simultaneously within the SKSD System Domain only for Grades 2 to 8.
  • Google Forms makes it easy to create a survey or poll, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way.

The Benefits of Google Apps

Ease of access, Students can access Google Apps at anytime, anywhere. It is designed to work in any browser (Google Chrome, Explorer, Safari, etc.) and on any computer or mobile device. This enables access to email, calendars, and documents from school or at home.

Online storage No flash drives (memory sticks etc.) are required because documents and files are automatically stored

Collaboration. Students can easily collaborate with others based on the grade-level permissions we have enabled

Monitoring of Learning. During collaborative work teachers can monitor the progress of each student and provide instant written feedback visible to the group or to the individual. This enhances teaching and learning and provides accurate assessment.

Online Portfolio. Students can develop an online portfolio of work throughout their years at school.

Parent Communication. Through websites, calendars, and email, parents can stay informed about the latest assignments and activities in their student’s classes. For Grades 3 to 8 this sharing would need to be done by staff as the students are restricted to within the SKSD domain.

Within the SKSD Google Apps service:

No external email addresses can contact student accounts in Grades 2 to 8, and vice-versa.

● All email communication and comments within collaborative work are monitored.

● Work uploaded to Google Drive remains the property of the creator--it is not copied or kept by Google if it is removed by the creator.

● We employ Gaggle to monitor student Google Email and Drive. Google Chat monitoring were added in the Fall of 2017, but will not be accessible to students in grades 2 to 8.

● We employ iBoss to filter the internet content on district devices, as well as devices that are on the district network.

User Access

Students in the 5th grade and up have been provided with a SKSD student gmail account. Students will follow school policies for appropriate use when using Google Apps. The service is an extension of the school’s own network. Students know that the school has the right and ability to monitor user accounts for policy and e-safety purposes.

Google Apps for Education is an important part of the curriculum for all subjects. All email communication is archived and the school’s Technology Policy will be enforced across the District for both staff and students. In addition, school staff will monitor the use of Google Apps when students are at school. If families choose to allow access to their SK Google accounts at home, it is the responsibility of the family to monitor their child’s use of applications, and students are responsible for their own behavior at all times.

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