Mrs. Bell's Class

April Newsletter 2018

April News from Mrs. Bell

Happy April to all!! This month we hope to see some spring weather!! That snow at the beginning of the month was quite a tease. The official last day of school now is June 27th. Hopefully there is no more snow so the children can enjoy their summer!! We will celebrate the end of the year on Wednesday June 20th at 10:30 for the AM class and 2:15 FOR THE pm Class. We will celebrate with ice cream on this day as well. Any donations are appreciated. This month we take a look at the zoo and all the animals that we see at the zoo. Spring will hopefully be here soon for families to take a visit to the zoo if possible for the children to extend their learning. Check out the local libraries for family passes and discounts. We take a look at Seeds towards the end of April and we end the month looking at Flowers. We will work on letters R, K and N to reinforce important literacy skills.

As always we are incorporating social emotional development into our curriculum. Problem solving has been a great part of this curriculum as well as how your feeling or how your body is feeling. We have introduced the zones of regulation into our curriculum as well. If your child comes home and tells you that they are in the green zone this means that their regulation is happy, excited. If they are in the blue zone they might feel happy or sick. If they are in the yellow zone they might be feeling frustrated, and if they are in the red zone they feel mad or angry. We will be talking about this month the things they can do to get back to the green zone. This might be using their words, humming a tune, think about a happy time, taking a break etc. We want to help solve these situations that sometimes come up for the children in our class to help them feel their best!!

We have been using our kinex toys to build swings and ramps and will now create a top to use the word force as part of our science curriculum in preschool. We are looking forward to investigating science in our outside classroom as well, seeing green grass, flowers, the leaves coming back to our trees among many other things we see at this wonderful time of year SPRING!!

Thanks again for your support of your child's program here at SKIP!!

Kris Bell