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Back to School MATERIALS

The following items will be needed in multiple classes:

  • Headphones
  • Pencils
  • Colored Pencils
  • Multi-Colored Highlighters
  • Pencil Box/Zip Pouch




Social Studies

*2-Pocket Folder

*Writer's Notebook

(can be fancy or black and white composition works)

*1 Package of Multi-colored Post-its (3 in.)

*1.5 to 2 in. Binder (with 2 dividers)

*Good Eraser

*Pencil Sharpener

*Red Pen (or any color) for correcting

*Dry Erase Markers

*3 Composition Notebooks (non- spiral)


*1.5 to 2 in. Binder

*2-Pocket Folder

Welcome to the Sapphires

Welcome to the Sapphires at Broad Rock Middle School. It is our pleasure to work with your child and to help him or her transition to the middle school model by developing the habits, skills, and abilities that will facilitate lifelong achievement. We look forward to an excellent year together and encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provided below to best align your expectations with ours.

-The Sapphire Team Teachers


What is the best way to communicate with teachers?

It is encouraged that students discuss issues or concerns with teachers first (whether in person or through email) when necessary, but parents can always follow up and communicate with teachers as well. The most efficient means will be through our school email accounts. Each teacher does have a phone line at the school as well but this can be inefficient due to conflicting times of availability. Additionally, teachers on team will use “” for convenient contact to your mobile device through text or email (your choice) where phone numbers are hidden. More info on this will come home during the first week of school. We highly recommend that you join Remind for all of your child's classes as it will be an invaluable tool whether your goal is to initiate contact or just stay in the loop.


  • Mrs. Dube (Sapphire Science 18-19): @Dube11
  • Mrs. Porter (Sapphire Math 18): @porter06
  • Ms. Christina (Sapphire ELA 2018-2019): @7642d8
  • Mr. Lefort (Sapphires Social Studies 18-19): @LefortBRMS

How much homework can be expected?

While it is important to us that your kids get to enjoy being kids, it is important for 6th graders to get into an effective homework routine that will be important to their academic success going forward. Math homework is to be expected most days Monday-Thursday. Students will also have daily/nightly reading requirements for ELA. Social Studies and Science will assign homework periodically as practice outside the classroom is needed.

How much does homework count for?

The answer to this question may vary slightly from class to class, but in general, homework is meant as an opportunity for students to practice the skills they've learned in the classroom. More important than how homework will be graded is the connection that students make between effort put toward homework and their achievement on quizzes and tests.

Importantly, homework completion will be communicated on students' report cards as Learner Qualities.

How will we (as parents) know what (home)work students have?

Organization is a new challenge to 6th grade students as they adjust to changing classes and different expectations from class to class. Student planners are provided as organizational tools to keep track of nightly assignments and upcoming due dates.

This valuable habit is taught and reinforced throughout the year. You may help your child by occasionally reviewing completed homework and referring to assignments as they are written in the planner. Also, note that assignments will usually be updated on the Team Homework Page.

This home-school partnership will assist Sapphire students in the development of important academic/life skills such as being responsible and accountable.

Where is the Team Homework Page and how often is it updated?

The Team Homework Page can easily be accessed by clicking here or scrolling up to the top of the page and clicking on the "Homework" link in the top right hand corner. It is recommended that students and parents "bookmark" this page for easiest access in the future.

Please note that this team calendar is meant to be used as a supplemental tool for students and parents. We will update it as often as we can but the primary responsibility of students is to utilize their planners. Students should not rely on the Team Homework Page for their assignments.

What should students bring home with them at the end of the school day?

Students should use their planners as a guide when deciding what to bring home at the end of the day. All homework should be taken home along with any materials needed to complete homework. Students do not to need to bring all of their binders home with them each day.

What should students bring to each class?

Students should bring ALL materials needed for each of their classes, including required writing utensils and laptops. At BRMS, backpacks are not allowed, so students will need to plan ahead during locker breaks. Students have four opportunities to go to their lockers during the day: once before school, once before lunch period (Period 5), once after lunch period, and at the end of the school day. To decrease the carrying burden, students will leave their binders in Social Studies and their Science notebooks in their Science classroom. Planners should also be kept with students throughout the day. We will spend time on the first day of school going over student schedules and taping them into students' planners (and lockers).

Can parents and students keep up with grades and missed assignments throughout the year?

For information regarding your child's assignments and grades you are encouraged to visit Skyward at any time. You may need to contact the main office for initial login information. Teachers will update grades in a timely manner in an effort to allow students to take responsibility for their grades and any missing assignments. If there are any discrepancies or concerns, students are encouraged to advocate for themselves by contacting their teacher.

Additionally, students will receive Learner Qualities on report cards only. Learner Qualities will supplement students' curriculum based letter grades. Learner Qualities are treated as skills that students can work on to ensure academic growth throughout their education.

Is there someone that students can see for additional supports?

Loren Hedman is the 6th grade guidance counselor. She is a great asset to our team. She will develop relationships with our students throughout the year and is happy to meet with students who seek support outside the classroom. The Sapphire teachers meet with her regularly to discuss the concerns/needs of our students as we work hard to cater to the social and emotional needs of our students. You may contact Mrs. Hedman at any time.

What expectations are there regarding behavior and how might issues be communicated?

The Sapphires teach and encourage all of our students to follow the 6 Principles of Kingian Nonviolence for solving conflicts and promoting a peaceful community. Expectations will be discussed and made clear throughout the year. Although rules and expectations may vary from classroom to classroom, in general all BRMS students are expected to be respectful, on task, cooperative, and kind. Please be sure to review the BRMS Code of Behavior found in the student planner.

Should any disciplinary issues that require parental notification arise, it is typical that teachers will reach out to parents early on to curb poor decision making by our students. Should behaviors warrant it, students may receive Discipline Referral/Write Ups. "Write Ups" go through the Vice Principal's office and may lead to additional actions meant to reestablish and clarify expectations for students.

How much technology/screen time is my child experiencing at school?

There is no doubt that computers and the latest technologies are integrated into the classroom today. All of our 6th grade students will have a laptop issued to them that they will bring with them throughout their school day (they are not brought home). As teachers, we take the responsibility of teaching students to use these tools properly and effectively very seriously. Use of technology in the classroom is meant to augment teaching and learning and students will not just use technology just because it is there. The fact of the matter is that our children are growing up in a world that is more and more connected and it is important to teach them digital citizenship and how best to utilize the tools around them.

Is my child going to grow this year?

Yes... a lot... and in many ways. 6th grade is a beautiful combination of curiosity, independence, pride, sensitivity, and social awareness all coming together like a hurricane. By working together we will create a structure and strong habits to help your child plant the seeds of growth that will continue to bloom over the next 7 years and beyond. Please don't hesitate to contact us if need be.

-The Sapphire Team