Clipping correct number of chain links on turtles........How many ants on the plates?

Matching and identifying the uppercase letters on the picnic tablecloth......3 chain links!

Drawing in our journals

Nice day for a picnic!

Making playdough food on the picnic mat Love wearing glasses while coloring!

Cutting and coloring click beetles

Clicking the beetle to see if it lands on its feet or back

Let's graph it!

Our results!

Pretending to picnic inside......................washing the chalk off the building

Hula Hooping Ant experiment with a variety of foods....which will they eat?

Looks like these ants liked ALL the food we put out, not just the sugary foods!

Snake bead patterns

Painting a chameleon camouflaged on a leaf

Crocodile, crocoldile, down by the lake, Be careful putting your hand inside to see what letter it ate!

Write down the letters you found

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Roll the dice and put the correct number of bugs in the bug jar

Reaching in for numbers now!