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Winter Recess Clothing Guidelines

Winter weather is approaching!

The weather in Rhode Island requires us to adapt to fluctuating temperatures and wind chill over the winter months. We will go outside for recess every day that we can. Please attend to the weather forecast for the day to help dress your child appropriately. We care about your child’s health and also promote healthy activity every day.

When thinking about appropriate snow gear, please make sure that your child(ren) are able to put on and take off their extra layers. This may include snapping, zipping, and putting on boots. They may need some at home practice!

Helpful Tips:

• All winter items labeled with your child’s last name

• A set of gloves and hat that stays in your child’s backpack “just in case”

• Dress in layers

Recess will be outside if the Wind Chill/“Feel Like” Temperature is above 20*F per SKSD district protocol. SKSD uses Accuweather for forecasts.

40-60 degrees Coat, layers are best

< 40 degrees Hat, gloves, coat required

*Snow pants & waterproof boots are required for snow

< 20* “feels like “ temperature, recess will be indoors


We have a winter clothing closet. If you have any need of any winter clothing for your children, please ask Amy Mead the school nurse at 360-1406. If you would like to donate gently used winter items such as coats, snow pants, snow boots, hats and mittens please send them to school labeled as a donation.