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Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Friends,

Whilst we all may have enjoyed the extra day at home this week with the public holiday on Monday it certainly has not felt like a short week. In fact our classroom teachers often find it means having to pack five days learning into four to get through all the curriculum planned. Having spent much time this week reading student reports it is very satisfying to see the great progress and development made by so many students from the beginning of the year until now. Learning and assessment will continue and student reports will not be finalized until the end of week nine. Student reports will available through the Parent Portal next Friday and an email will be sent with instructions and details regarding this on Friday. Bookings for the Parent and Teacher Meetings can be made through through this link School Interviews Online

Parish Education Board Meeting

On Wednesday evening our Parish Education Board met to discuss many important issues facing our school and to share ideas about how we can continue to consolidate and improve who we are and how we operate. A major point of discussion is, of course, enrolments and great work is being done to ensure this is kept as a main focus for our work. Could I ask any parents who drop off or pick up students to collect some letter box flyers from the office and mark off on our school zone map, a street or two which you could deliver our enrolment flyers to. I have been spending time visiting many local Kinders and Early Learning Centres and spreading the word about our great school. We know that the most effective form of marketing is word of mouth and so we all need to be letting everyone we meet know about our amazing St Kevin's.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Thank you to Ms Hunter for the great work in preparing our Year 3 students for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We had a wonderful celebration in the Church on Tuesday evening with a number of other Parish children and their families. Congratulations to our Year 3's as they continue their journey as Catholics in developing their faith and sense of belonging.

A reminder also that next week on Tuesday

Italian News & Update

Dear Parents,

On Friday 26th of July we are having a special Italian lunch for all students and staff.

We would also like to invite any parents or grandparents who are available, to come and join us for this event. For lunch we will be serving homemade gnocchi followed by gelato for dessert.

Students are asked to come to school dressed in the Italian colours or something Italian. The day will begin with a gnocchi making demonstration followed by a class activity.

If you are available for this event please complete the RSVP form by Friday 28th June.

The cost of the lunch is $7 per person.

Hope to see you all


Signora Sirianni

OHSC (Out of Hours School Care)

I would ask that any children in the playground before 8:30 am and after 3:45 pm would need to register with the OHSC program. Children can be booked in for a short stay at a minimal cost and at short notice. Children not in aftercare will not be able to play in the playground after 3:45 pm.


July school holiday program

Looking forward to a fun filled holidays with friends, new and old!

Our holiday program is available to all, so please share and let your friends know :)

The more the merrier!

This holidays we will have Jacob, Sophie, Bec, Nikita and Bek all on board to make it lots of fun.

Hope to see you there!

Kind regards


July Holiday Program

Egg Cartons

Thank you to all those families who have dropped off egg cartons. We still require more so if you can keep bringing them in that would be great.

Late Arrival

Could all parents please be aware that the bell to commence the school day is at 8-50 am. We have many students arriving late each day and this can be very disruptive to the classroom routine as children often miss important information.


Follow us now

Kind Regards

Nigel Rodrigues


Letter Box Drop:

Our School Zone Map is located in the Foyer so as you are passing please collect some flyers and highlight the streets you can deliver to.

Lunch Orders

Available Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Please label paper bag with child’s name and class, include money and these will be collected from the office.

Enrolments and School Tours

Every day is Open Day at St Kevin's.

Our Year 6 leaders are waiting to welcome you and take you for a tour of our school.

Our Principal, Mr Nigel Rodrigues, is available everyday and is happy to answer any questions you may have and explain all that St Kevin's has to offer.

We believe we have a very special community and invite you to come and see for yourself.

Call or email now to book a personalised school tour.

Ph: 95781182