Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Friends,

Thank you to all those who are able to attend our whole school assemblies each Friday afternoon. I feel it is a great way to end the week, coming together to share news, celebrate achievements and enjoy each other's company. It is very satisfying to see our Year 6 leaders take an active part in this gathering, hosting the assembly, taking photos and introducing speakers. Each child who has had to take on this role so far has shown great confidence and ability in doing this. Public speaking is not always something we find easy and so it is extremely important for our children to be given lots of opportunities to develop these skills and confidence. I will speak with our Year 6 Captains to see if it might be possible to podcast one of our assemblies in the future as a way of enabling those of you who are unable to attend assemblies to enjoy these as well.

School Reports

I know the subject of school reports comes up often in terms of what parents and teachers like or don't like and it can be hard to satisfy everyone's preferences, however, I would like to begin thinking about the format of our reports at St Kevin's and how these can best suit our needs. I would like to include a very short survey in next week's newsletter to get an idea of how we might be able to continue to improve our children's reports so that they are helpful in understanding our children's achievements and areas of need.

We have started a St Kevin's School Ormond Facebook page which has been set up to allow us to share instantly some of the things which happen here each day. It will also offer us a platform to promote ourselves in the wider community so that others can get a sense of who we are and some of the great things that happen at our school. All posts will be managed by myself to ensure only appropriate and suitable content is included. I would ask that we do not name students in any comments and that we keep these very general. Visit us Now.

Kind Regards

Nigel Rodrigues


ST KEVIN'S SCHOOL RULES Be Safe Be Responsible Be Respectful

With input from our Year 6 school leaders, all teachers at St Kevin's will follow the same procedures in implementing our school behaviour policy. Children are now very familiar with the school rules and expectations and accept that when rules are broken fair consequences should be used. The consequences we have decided on when our rules are broken are:

First time - The rule will be articulated and a warning will be given by the teacher/staff member

Second time - The rule will be articulated and a short time away in the classroom will be given

Third time - The student concerned will be sent to the principal

There are certain situations/circumstances where teachers may need to go straight to step three, for example any physical violence, swearing, extreme or continued misbehaviour.

If the Principal deems it necessary, parents will be contacted regarding student behaviours so that suitable action can be taken.

Student Wellbeing

'Social and emotional learning (SEL) is about developing the ability to care for others, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, and handle challenging situations. These skills are essential for developing resilience and the personal attributes that promote wellness, prevent illness and support recovery. ' (Be You Framework)

At St Kevin's through our Social Emotional Programs we hope to help children to develop their resilience so that they are able to develop the skills needed to manage their own feelings and build positive relationships with others. One important characteristic of a resilient person is the ability to keep trying even when things may not work out at first. Over the next few weeks I will include some helpful information and suggestions so that we can work together to help all our children become resilient people.


Yesterday, a team of five very enthusiastic swimmers competed in the Holt District Swimming Sports at Oakleigh Swim Centre. We may have been the smallest school there, but what we lacked in numbers we make up for in enthusiasm! All the students swam so well and we were very proud of their efforts . Congratulations to Susana O'Leary, Nieve Jones, Bridie Zitzen, Bea Baker and Matthew O'Leary who represented our school magnificently. Special mention and best of luck to Susana O'Leary who won the 50 metres breaststroke and will go on next week to the Zone Finals.

Open Days

Tuesday 12th March and Wednesday 27th March. Advertisements will also be placed in the Caulfield and Moorabbin Leader. If you know families with children in local kinders please encourage them to attend our open days.

Lunch Orders

Available Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Please label paper bag with child’s name and class, include money and these will be collected from the office.