Giant Atlantic Scallop Shells (bulk)

Newfoundland Seashell Company

Premium quality Newfoundland Giant Scallop shells (Placopecten magellanicus) come from some of the largest scallop shells in the world. They can be purchased in our online Etsy store! Perfect for your next nautical or marine themed art, craft, decoration or event!

We sell our giant scallop shells by diameter (S (3-5"), M (5-7"), L (7-9") and either natural or painted in a selection of colours. You won't believe the size of some of these shells! Some are up to 17" wide!

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Our Newfoundland scallop shells are collected from the shoreline of Great Northern Peninsula. All scallop shells are harvested from beaches in local Newfoundland communities including Main Brook, Englee, Quirpon, Ship Cove and St. Lunaire-Griguet.