Blue Mussel Shell Wreaths

Newfoundland Seashell Company

Our blue mussel shell wreaths are meticulously hand-crafted with dozens of washed and polished shells from Northern Newfoundland and make an excellent conversation starter and part of your home or office decor. They are available in small (14") and large (16") size and "flow" or "spiral" arrangements. Flow arrangement has all shells going in the same direction, spiral has mussels arrange clockwise and counter-clockwise.

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Our Newfoundland blue mussel shells are collected from the shoreline of Great Northern Peninsula and handcrafted to create an elegant wreath. All mussel shells are harvested from beaches in local Newfoundland communities including Main Brook, Englee, Quirpon, Ship Cove and St. Lunaire-Griguet.

"Flow" Style - All mussels in one direction and uniform alignment

"Spiral" Style - Mussels aligned in different directions