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Welcome to the Badging rwanda pilot!

Welcome dear teachers,

You have arrived to the right place to apply for your open badges for recognition of your ICT skills!

SkillSafari Teacher ICT Competency Badges

The SkillSafari Teacher ICT competency badges are a set of competences designed specifically to measure the readiness and skills level of teachers in integrating a number of ICT resources and tools into their teaching work. The badges put focus in looking at the teachers' ability to apply resources from a pedagogical standpoint and assumes a certain level of readiness in the use of ICT devices from the teachers.

The SkillSafari ICT framework is based on the following components:

  • The UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for teachers
  • The REB ICT teacher skills level framework developed and used in Rwanda for teacher professional development in the use of ICT
  • The SAMR model that offers a method of structuring how ICT impacts teaching and learning.
  • Bloom's taxonomy
  • Hands-on expertise of the SkillSafari pedagogical team on Teacher ICT Capacity Development at a Global level