Mrs. Kramer

Welcome to our campsite! ELA stands for English Language Arts, where your students learn the art of reading and writing. My goals are to increase reading fluency, reading stamina, learn a wide range of vocabulary and be able to express thoughts and ideas in an organized format. We achieve this through a holistic approach of class novels and a more structured reading program in 3rd grade. Vocabulary words are pulled out of the readings so they are used in context and become a part of students' vernacular. I teach grammar via mentor sentences, also pulled from the readings, so they are experiencing the novels fully. No boring rote memory or worksheets here! If you have any questions, please reach out at Thank you for your support. Here is a link to our Classroom Wish List

Outside of school : I have been married to Hank for 27 years, we have two amazing boys, Jamie and Jake. Jamie is our theatre kid and recent SKDA Graduate, beginning his high school journey at Saints. Jake is our championship Irish Dancer and current SKDA 8th grader. When not teaching, I am scoutmaster for troop 51G and spent all summer as program director at Camp Fiesta Island!