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- Chuck Brown (USA)

  • - Semion Maria (Rosja)

- Marcin & Kasia (Polska ;) )

Chuck Brown

"Chuck Brown is a Champion level competitor with over 18 years of experience. He is recognized as a top international instructor, judge, DJ, event promoter and dance business consultant. Chuck has won numerous national competitions and awards, including placing at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships several times; recently making the Champions Division finals at SwingDiego 2010 and 2011.Chuck is known for his musicality, creativity, versatility, and especially, his amazing lead on the dance floor. It has been said by many of the top pros, that Chuck is one of the best social dancers in all of West Coast Swing. His dance training includes West Coast Swing, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Blues, Carolina Shag, Lindy Hop, Salsa, House, Country and African.Chuck’s teaching methods have produced some of the fastest moving and successful competitors and dancers in the Unites States as well as Internationally. He has taught all over the globe, including Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore, United Kingdom, Russia, the USA and many more. He is an incredibly passionate and tough teacher who cares about his student’s dance goals as well as their friendship."

Kasia Skalska & Marcin Skalski

Kasia and Marcin are a teaching couple from Kraków with impressive experience in both dancing and teaching. For a long time their interests revolved around competitive ballroom dancing (Marcin has been a ballroom dancer himself for over 20 years now, he’s also a judge of Polish Dance Council).

As an instructor, Marcin has been working with competitive ballroom dancers for over 13 years, teaching mainly adults at all levels of advancements (from complete beginners to S-class dancers).

Kasia, on the other hand, has been focusing on social dances. She’s gained experience in teaching kids, teenagers and adults (some of them physically challenged) at various levels of advancement, as well as running courses for other dance instructors. She’s also the creator of the largest charity dance course in Lesser Poland (one of Polish voivodeships), attended by hundreds of students every year.

As a teaching duo, Marcin and Kasia prove that absolutely everyone is capable of learning how to dance. They are well-known and appreciated for their positive energy and passionate approach to dance instruction.

Kasia and Marcin in just two years (now 3,5) have built the largest WCS community in Poland. Currently, in their dance studio in Kraków, they run 5 WCS courses on different levels of advancement. A number of their students attend international events and win points in Novice and, lately, Intermediate division. Happy as they are with their students’ results in jack’n’jills, they do not see the competitive aspect of WCS as the most important things in this dance. Social dancing and having fun is what they appreciate most. The most wonderful and fulfilling experience is for them to see how people who were extremely skeptical on their first lesson and thought that dancing is not for them get excited about WCS and join the community for good.

They constantly surprise their students with new, creative exercises and they are capable of translating even the most difficult WCS concepts into a language understandable for everyone. They’ve also mastered the skill of teaching impressively large groups of students, not only making them into aspiring WCS dancers but, most importantly, into a family-like community of friends who share the same passion :)

For Kasia and Marcin, West Coast Swing is not only about dancing but, most importantly, about spending time with positive people, having loads of fun and recharging batteries ☺