The registration will open on ................. (17:00 sharp)

A couple of rules:

1. Registration order:

  • couples: we need two registration forms from a couple. The first registration form that we receive gets you both in BUT we have to receive the second registration form before the end of that same day to keep you on the list as a couple. If we don’t receive both forms the same day, we will treat your registrations as two single registrations. It is possible for one person to send two registration forms for both partners - we will let you know what details you need to fill in the forms before the registration opens

  • single registrations: you can get on the list as soon as we can match your single registration with another single registration. Your place on the list does not depend on how soon you registered but on the time we receive the second single registration.

2. Can I register as a single leader/follower?

Sure you can but you have to remember that couples will always come before you on the event list even if they registered later than you. You can send us a single registration form but it doesn’t guarantee the place at Summer Summit - it does, however, guarantee the price. So if you registered as a single Early Bird but you found a partner much later, don’t worry - you will still remain an Early Bird :)

  • We believe it’s still ok if there is up to 10% more followers than leaders, so there should be some single spots available as well but it will depend entirely on how many single registrations we will receive

  • If there are not enough single leaders/followers to match you with and as a result we can’t put you on the event list, we will send you back the money you already paid.

3. How to look for a partner? :)

Please, look for a partner BEFORE YOU REGISTER. If you send a single registration first and then realize that a friend of yours also registered alone, you won’t be able to register together - every single registration we receive is automatically matched with another single registration in the order they came in. In such a case you would have to find a leader/follower who has not yet registered and can write your name in the registration form before sending it to us.


  • It’s not compulsory but please try to register with a partner who chose the same level of classes you did.

  • The level you pick while registering is treated as your initial choice, it’s very much respected and seriously taken into account but the final division into groups will be made by the event directors after closing the registration. If necessary, we will organize auditions for each level.