4 intensive days with


Join us for 4 intensive days of West Coast Swing!

If you’ve already been to some of our Poronin workshops, you know what to expect. 4 days of hard work ;) , fun, smile and socializing :)

Only for people registered for Summer Summit 2021!


Dates: 16-20.08.2021

Check in - Monday

Check out - Friday (we’re going straight to Borowy Dwór for Summer Summit!)



TEACHERS Marcin i Kasia Skalscy

Please go to “Teachers” tab for more info about Marcin and Kasia


Please remember that there is a limited number of spots in our venue.

We’ve planned a really small group - 80 people, including us.

And remember - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! :)

Who can join us?

Only people registered for Summer Summit can take part in the workshops.

Important: we won’t have a group for beginners. You need to have minimum 6 month experience in West Coast Swing


Marcin Skalski +48 507065615, Kasia Skalska +48 514149393

Group description:

G1 – you’ve been dancing for 6-36 months, or you’ve been encouraged by your dance instructor to join this group

Skalski Dance School students: P1-P3 levels

G2 – you’ve been dancing for more than 3 years, or you’ve been encouraged by your dance instructor to join this group

Skalski Dance School students: P4-P6 levels

The descriptions above are very general and tentative; we will be able to plan the schedule and divide people into groups once the registration is closed and we know who’s coming :)

Anything I should take with me?


– comfortable shoes (no high heels, girls :))

– lots of strength and positive energy!



  • 12:00-13:00 L1

  • 13:00-14:00 L2

  • 14:15 dinner

  • 15:30-17:30 L1

  • 17:30-19:30 L2

  • 19:30 supper

  • 22:00-2:00 party

Tuesday / Thursday

  • 9:00-10:00 Breakfast

  • 11:00-12:30 L1

  • 12:40-14:10 L2

  • 14:20 dinner

  • 16:20-17:50 L1

  • 18:00-19:30 L2

19:40 supper

  • 22:00-2:00 party (Thursday party probably up to 1:00 - everyone should rest before the weekend ;) )


  • 9:00-10:00 Breakfast

  • 10:30-12:00 L1

  • 12:10-13:40 L2

  • 13:50 dinner

  • 15:00-17:00 L1 + L2

  • 17:30-19:00 - surprise ;)

  • 19:30 supper / campfire-grill

  • 22:00-2:00 party


As you can expect, a 4-day stay will be a bit more expensive than our usual weekend workshops in Poronin :)


There’s just one price, we’re not doing the early/normal/late pass thing this time :)

However, please remember that there really is a limited number of spots in Halina, so you have to be fast!

Full pass (Mon-Fri):

price includes:

16h of workshops - probably option a) with at least 3 hours of classes per group per day + 1 hour of general coordination exercises + footwork and other cool stuff :)

If you decide to attend classes for both groups then, well… you’re a truly hardcore westie! :)

Everyday social parties or practice parties (with Summer Summit still ahead of us - we’ll be reminding you to use common sense with the parties and all ;))

FB accommodation (starting with dinner on Monday, ending with Friday breakfast)

As participants you have a say in shaping the schedule - if you decide you need some more time to rest and socialize, we will take it into account :)


The pre-payment is non-returnable and are treated as an obligation to make the whole payment before the deadline.

If you register for workshops in Poronin, there is no possibility to resign - doesn’t matter which payment option you choose: pre-payment + installments or full payment.

If you have already registered but it turns out you won’t be able to come, you have to find someone else willing to participate.

Pre-payment 50 euro - if you want to pay more, go ahead :)

second installment: you have to top up to 100 euro and it has to be done no later than 2 months after paying the pre-payment

third installment: you have to top up to the full price and it has to be done no later than 1.07.2020

An important reminder:

You have to be registered for Summer Summit in order to register for Poronin workshops, which means that you also have to make the required payments for Summer Summit! Please go to “Price” tab for more info.


Two pre-payments (one for Poronin and one for Summer Summit): 50 euro for Poronin and 50 euro for Summer Summit

Registration rules are exactly the same as for Summit Summit (see: “Registration” tab)


Sending a registration form does not guarantee a spot in Poronin! But a payment does :) Please, remember about making the pre-payment or full payment straight after registration.

You have 14 days to make the payment - if you fail to do so, your registration will be canceled and your spot will be given to the first person from the waiting list.

Registration in couples - same rules: both of you have to send the registration form AND MAKE THE PAYMENT. If you fail to do so, your spots will be given away.

Bank transfer details:

If you’re paying for both Summer Summit and Poronin, please, include the following reference:

REF: Summer Summit + 4dni PORONIN, name/surname