Fall AASG 2018

September 21-23

Through the guidance of Native leaders, Alaskan pioneers were able to work through hardships, which led to new beginnings for all generations to come. Our goal is to take our history and inspire the next generation of leaders who can change and create a better future.

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Please fill out transportation and housing form: Click Here

Alaska Marine Line Ferry is no longer holding seats for AASG. You will need to purchase your tickets ASAP- seem the travel tab for more information.

Elections: Our school was painted this summer. Any signs that are placed on the walls must use the blue painter's tape or they will be taken down. We have purchased tape to be used. Thanks for your help in keeping our school looking great!

Housing: If you are staying in the school, everything will need to be packed up each morning by 7:00am for Region Meetings.

Food: Please do not bring peanut butter or peanuts in any food item into the school.

Friday Morning Activities: If you are arriving early and would like to visit the National Park Service (walking downtown tour) or our Skagway City Museum, let us know so we can connect you with the right people. There are also great hikes within a mile of the school.