CERT of Skagit County

The Red Cross December 2018/January 2019 Newsletter is LINKED HERE!. The new date for the Red Cross Listening Tour is Wednesday, February 6, 2019; please plan to attend. The Red Cross also has a lot of training coming up, check those out too.

WOW what a great turn out at the January 10, 2019 General meeting! 42 people attended and the speakers from the DEM were really good, I think we all learned a lot about what's happen in the DEM and their vision for the CERT program.

Vickie has a Community Points of Distribution (CPOD) drill coming up and will hold training for that soon. It should be fun with good training for CERT and Hams. To prep for the drill: Watch the Planning and Executing a POD Mission video, and take FEMA course "IS-26: Guide to Points of Distribution".

CERT classes for Burlington and Sedro-Woolley are scheduled, see the Upcoming Classes page for details. If you know somebody who wants to take the class give them the flyer. You can print flyers from the class page or contact Phillz@SkagitCERT.org.

Sally W. and Kathy K. are working on organizing a Sedro-Woolley CERT group and hold a get-together on Feb. 20, so if you live in Sedro-Woolley contact sallyrocks@rocketmail.com .

Ted T. , Liz F., and Bill D. are working on organizing a CERT group in La Conner / Shelter Bay area, so if you live or work out that way contact Liz at liz.e.fisher@mac.com

Let make this a great year!

For more information contact Phill at phillz@skagitCERT.org

Page down to see recent drills / classes and more pictures.

"If an earthquake or other disaster struck your neighborhood would you survive? Would you be able and willing to help rescue and provide basic first aid until emergency personnel became available?

If so please join the Skagit Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) open to any and all who would like to help.

The CERT program will educate you on personal disaster preparedness and for hazards that could impact your neighborhood. It provides training in basic disaster response skills such as medical triage and initial care, light search and rescue, fire risk and suppression, disaster psychology, terror response and team organization to understand local EMS procedures.

CERT graduates can expect the classroom training and exercises to help prepare them to provide immediate responses in a disaster for themselves and family as well as neighbors when professional responders are not available.

If willing, CERT graduates will be encouraged to continue to develop their skills at their own pace, help grow the CERT mission, participate in Skagit County DEM preparedness efforts and help in non-disaster events as able.

The Skagit County CERT mission is to strategically train and equip as many "initial" responders as funding and volunteer manpower allow before our next major disaster."

"Emergency Planning works, Not Planning does not work quite as well"

Mount Vernon Class Finished up 10/24/2018

Great class and great group of people

Fire Dist. 13 - 2018 Shakeout Drill

What a GREAT 2018 Shakeout Drill we had with Fire Dist. 13 in La Conner on 10/18/2018. About 35 CERT's & Hams participated, formed into teams, and were dispatched to multiple locations to observe damage and report the details back to Dist. 13 Emergency Command Center. Thank you Ted Taylor and Jim Sande for putting the drill on. In the afternoon the DEM sponsored training for WebEOC, a web-enabled crisis information management system that provides real-time Information Sharing and Situational Awareness between organizations, within and across disciplines and geographic regions. Skagit CERT would like to get more Hams and CERT's trained on WebEOC.

Mount Vernon CERT Class -Sept/Oct 2018

If you missed it, you missed a great Sedro-Woolley Class 2018. What a great group of friends.

My good friend Kurt. We had a really great group of instructors who made the class Amazing.

This cake was great, not one piece left!

We delivered two great classes: CERT Program Manager and CERT Train the Trainer. Thank you to the instructors and to all the people who took the time to attend the class!

Great "Traffic Management Class" Class 3/27/2018.

Community Emergency Response Team

CERT classes held at the Sedro-Woolley Fire Station were both humorous and serious. It felt like being a kid again when we put out fires using fire extinguishers and the fire hose at the station. Other classes covered the organization of CERT, Disaster Psychology, Triage, Disaster Medical Operations, Search and Rescue, and Terrorism. Everything was implemented to help us feel comfortable in decision making roles. The instructors were knowledgeable, patient and friendly. We had a great turnout of people learning to take care of themselves, their families and their communities. For information on classes, open the Upcoming Classes drop down at the top of your screen and select the desired city.