Physical Education/Library     Ms. Springer

My Biography

I grew up in central New Jersey where I enjoyed doing gymnastics and cheerleading.  I went to Salisbury University for my bachelors in science in physical education.  I taught high school physical education in Baltimore County for fifteen years between 3 high schools. I also coached cheerleading for 10 of those years.  I took a few years off to be home with my boys before returning to teaching here at St. Joseph School.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is  that every student is an individual and has different talents and needs.  I try to address their needs while using their talents  to enhance their class experiences. 

Weekly Schedules

Physical Education:

Monday: 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, Pre K4's

Tuesday: 6A, 6B, KA, 3A, 3B

Wednesday: 1A, 1B, KB, 2A, 2B


Thursday: KB, 1A, 1B, 3A, 3B, KA, 4B, 4A

Friday:  6B, 6A, 5B, 5A, 2A, 2B

Together with God and each other we can get through anything!

SJY Connected Ed for Physical Education

Please choose any of the activities below or you may come up with your own each week.  You can have a parent email me with  a pic or to confirm you have done an activity on your PE day.

Can you do all the exercises that spell you whole name?

Name Fitness
May the Force Be With You- Jedi Training
Rolling into Fitness

Why is physical activity so important?

VIDEO Physical Fitness

VIDEO Cardiovascular Fitness

VIDEO Muscular Strength

VIDEO Flexibility

VIDEO Body Composition

VIDEO Skill Related Fitness

Uno Fitness Game for Families:

SJY Conncected Ed for library


If your not sure what to read this game can help you choose. If you complete the game, take a picture or scan it and send it to me please.

Readopoly directions:


Readopoly game board:

Bookopoly Game Board

Lily Lolek: Future Saint

Our Lady's Wardrobe

The Tree House that Jack Built:

By Bonnie Verburg & Mark Teague

Are Pirates Polite:

By Corinne Demas & Artemis Roehrig

Illustrated by  David Catrow

Slow Down, Sara!

By: Laura Driscoll

Illustrated by: Page Eastburn-O'Rourke

Super Bugs

By Michelle Meadows

Illustrated by Bill Mayer

Clark the Shark Afraid of the Dark

By:  Bruce Hale

Illustrated by: Guy Francis

Mission Statement:

St. Joseph School is an educational community, with Jesus as our cornerstone. Through the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, we educate the whole child through academic excellence and Faith preparation to enable our students to serve as Disciples of Christ in the global world.