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Teacher and Catechist Ongoing Formation

Catholic School Teacher Ongoing Faith Formation

The following are the ongoing faith formation requirements for our school teachers. Please complete the Year 1 workshops throughout the school year.*
You are more than free to move ahead with the next section of workshops or to search additional topics in the CI database.
You will need to make your free account with the Catechetical Institute (franciscanathome.com). If you have not done so, please review these two videos to learn how it works:

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(type them into the "workshops" bar on your Catechetical Institute dashboard.)

Year 1 (2022-2023 school year)

  • The Mission of Catholic Schools and the Role of Teachers

  • The Human Person in God's Loving Plan

  • The Human Person

Year 2:

  • An Introduction to Objective Truth

  • The Kerygma: Key Doctrines

  • Sacred Scripture: The Big Picture

Year 3:

  • Essential Link Between Liturgy and Catechesis

  • Teaching Catechesis for Conversion

  • Conversion in Modern Culture

*N.B. You are not required to have a mentor, but it would be beneficial to still type responses when applicable. For when the workshops prompt you, we recommend finding a "critical friend" so that you can discuss any points or questions the workshops propose. This can be a friend, coworker, spouse, or whoever you think a good conversation partner would be for those questions. Brady would be more than willing to fill that role upon request. You will know what I am referring to once you start working through the workshops.

Parish Catechist Ongoing Faith Formation Workshops

Using Franciscan At Home

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Year 1 (2023-2024 school year)

  • The Vocation of the Catechist

  • Jesus: The Christocentricity of Catechesis

  • The Deposit of Faith: An Introduction to the Catechism

Year 2:

  • Essential Link Between Liturgy and Catechesis

  • Scripture: The Heart of Catechesis

  • Sacred Scripture: The Big Picture

Year 3:

  • The Ecclesial Method

  • Child Catechetical Methodologies and Learning Styles

  • Adult Catechetical Methodologies and Learning Styles

Franciscan At home

Catechist/Teacher Formation

Our primary ongoing formation resource is the Catechetical Institute. There are hundreds of workshops for all ministries.

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Teaching and Formation Video/Audio/Book Resources

**** Link to a short video for school teachers and parish catechists on what to use on Formed. ****


St. John Vianney has a parish subscription to Formed and this is a great resource for finding material to help in any catechetical/teaching context!

If you missed the Formed Coaching Session, please make sure that you watch the recording (1.5 speed sounds pretty well!).

CLICK HERE for the recording of the coaching session. It's a lot of information, but it is an excellent way to learn how Formed can be used across all ministries, groups, and classrooms.

In addition to the overview in the video, here are some suggested starting points for various topics and goals. Please take some time to look around to see what might be helpful for your position as a teacher/catechist for those you are teaching, or for your own better understanding and love of the faith.

  • With regards to resources for Various Ministries, here are some useful resources:

    • A full list of content tied in to the Liturgical Calendar

    • Here are details on the Amen app which is helping people to deepen their prayer life and share meditations

    • For expert interviews, and open discussions on various topics, try FORMED Now

    • Additional courses and self development topics, consider Revive Parishes, but on the website itself, ReviveParishes.com has topics for fundraising, stewardship and youth ministry that could be great for parish councils and staff

Other Ongoing Formation Opportunities

Resources By Category

Truth and goodness through beauty

The Saints


  • Making Music Praying Twice (Resources for bringing faith alive with music. There are lessons, activities, coloring, and multi-cultural learning opportunities on the additional resources page. The Making Music Praying Twice program itself could be a good additional resource for those from infants until Kindergarten.)

  • Catholic Hymn Study (Teach the treasures of sacred music in a systematic and engaging way)

The Liturgy