Follow these steps for making entries to the meet, using

1. Sign up for a free coach account (if you do not have one already)

      • Go to:
      • Click on 'Log In' in the upper right hand corner, and then click 'Sign Up' on the bottom of the screen.
      • Complete the sign-up wizard.
      • After receiving the confirmation email, go on to #2.

2. Add meets to your calendar

      • Log In to
      • Navigate to your home team by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner to open the side menu, and then the home icon next to the appropriate team.
      • Click "Add a Meet" in your calendar box
      • In the search bar, enter Tosa Relay Meet
      • Click on the meet to expand it, and locate the button to add it to your team's calendar
      • Verify that the meet was added to your calendar. Once the meet has been added to your calendar, your school will need to be "confirmed" (I will do this on my end as soon as I can, so please be patient if I don't catch it right away).

3. Enter your team roster

      • Open the side menu by clicking your name.
      • Click on your team and then click "Edit Athletes" from the list of links for your team.
      • Add athletes to the roster manually, or upload your roster using the "Upload Roster" option.
      • Use the following Excel file to enter your athletes, then copy/paste into (Option 2). Click "Process"
        • First (name), Last (name), and Grade are required.
        • Gender must be M or F, not Male/Female.
        • Grade should be a number (5-8).
      • Click "Publish Roster (Add to Roster)"

4. Register athletes for the Tosa Relay Meet

      • Locate Tosa Track & Field Invitational on your team's main Track & Field page, and click on the meet name.
      • Click "Register Athletes"
      • Click on an event name, or athlete name, to begin registering.
      • Choose the correct division to enter each athlete in.
      • Entries will be saved automatically.
      • Use the "Add an Athlete" buttons to add athletes to your roster, if needed.