Language Arts Websites

Use the following websites as a supplemental resource to our Language Arts classes (English and Literature). Everyone should bookmark these pages for easy reference.

English Websites

These sites contain extra practice, games, rubrics, and other resources to our Vocabulary Workbooks. There are no logins for any of the English sites.

The following site is available to help students study for our biweekly spelling tests.

Accelerated Reader

Each quarter, students are asked to read a select number of books to earn points in the Accelerated Reader program. Students receive prizes and rewards for reaching reading goals.

For all middle school grades, the student username is the first initial of their first name and the first four letters of their last name (For example, Kate Durden would be kdurd). Some students may have a number after their name if they share the same first initial and last name as another student.

The password is the student's eight-digit number, usually starting with 75, or abc.

To find out if a book is in the Accelerated Reader program, you can use AR Book Find.