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Here at the St. John's School Student Council, we work our hardest to make school better, more efficient, and most importantly, more fun for its students. We are open to all ideas from students and teachers alike. If you have any suggestions, please contact any member or adviser to the council and they will happily accept your questions, comments, or suggestions.

What We Do:

Each of our members was elected to the council by a vote of the entire school at the end of the the most recent school year, and terms last one year. Students entering 7th or 8th grade are eligible to run for office. Members then attend weekly meetings, school-wide assemblies, and other student council sponsored events.

To contact us, please either

1. Find one of us on the schoolyard... we'll be glad to help you out!

2. Email us at student.council@sjshbg.org

3. Contact the front office of the school at (707)-433-2758

If you are a student at St. John the Baptist Catholic School, we ask you to please complete the form below so we can improve the school for everyone