Raise your hand if you can relate??

Hmmm...let's take a gander here. Do your parents expect you to pursue something in the STEM field no questions asked? Does this give you constant stress, perhaps resentment? What if you want to pursue liberal arts?! Oh no, earth is about to freeze over at the thought of majoring in a career that isn't math or science based!! And most importantly with all the above, how do you also balance being a good Catholic disciple in today's crazy world??

That said, ready to get high on LYF??

All jokes aside, God has a purpose for all his children, including YOU! At LYF, we understand the emotional , physical and spiritual turmoil that every teenager encounter. Contrary to popular belief, your parents truly want the best for you. Seriously, they really do.....even though at times they have a funny way of showing it.

Let's circle back to the million dollar question: "How do I balance being a good daughter/son, student, a 15 year old driver with a learners permit, friend, sibling, neighbor, parishioner, and so on and so forth in today's society?" The short answer is: get a LYF.

Being a part of LYF allows you to strengthen your relationship with God through LYF's teaching. LYF is about serving our Lord via prayer, bible studies, service, and fellowship. All you have to do is - 1) Show up every Sunday to represent LYF and 2) Love your faith. Live your faith. And really, everything else will then naturally fall into its place. Trust in LYF through our Lord's teaching and you will be rewarded.

Reality is, LYF doesn't just happen at HKMCC and 1 hour of learning and fellowship is not enough. We hope the resources provided below can be utilized as a supplement to help you troubleshoot everyday LYF obstacles. When in doubt, don't forget to reach out to your parents, godparents, LYF teachers, siblings, spirit animal, etc., for extra spiritual guidance and support. Consider LYF as your 2nd family and if all else fails, remember you're never alone as God is always just a prayer away.