A Test of Humanity

-SJIMUN 2017-

Welcome to SJI MUN' 17

SJIMUN is a student driven initiative by Josephians involving students of various institutions and ages, where they assume the roles of political leaders of their assigned countries in a three day simulation of an United Nations Conference.

Participants will take part in one of six committees, where they must work with their fellow delegates to come to a resolution to their given issues whilst facing crises, opposition and time.

We hope that through this conference, participants not only develop their critical thinking, debate and public speaking skills, but also their ability to work in a team, to have fun and make new friends and memories throughout this conference.

A new era, a new world, a new order.

With your wit and words, is is your chance to change the world.

Will you use what you have to lead a better world, or will you destroy it?

The decision lies in the hands of you and your fellow leaders.

What will you do?

Remember, Everything has consequences.

This year, our theme is A Test Of Humanity.

We live in a dangerous world where the limits of humanity are tested everyday. What makes humanity human? Are we predisposed towards war, or will we be able to see peace in our times?

In SJIMUN, delegates shall be given the opportunity to bring peace, or make war.

We challenge delegates to remake the world, to challenge themselves to work with others who may have different views and needs to find a viable solution while working against the clock. We want to test their ability to work under pressure as they face crises on top of their issues, their ability to resolve problems diplomatically and creatively and their compassion and willingness to negotiate and help others.

Challenge Yourself