Go Forth.

A council unique to SJIMUN, the Futuristic committee is a council that addresses the question: What is the future like? The Futuristic council is challenged to adapt their thinking to fit a world that has not yet been realised, to explore the possibilities and the challenges they will face in a hypothetical scenario using their creativity and wit.

Primary Issue: The Human Colonisation of Planets

note: in this council, all delegates will be alien ambassadors, so do not worry if you realise you cannot find any information on your "planet" online, because there isn't any! No it is not a mistake, we will be posting extensive bios of the planets and aliens along with the study guide, so please do not panic and be patient!

Study guide will be emailed to you by the chairs.

Please Email Your Chairs Your Position Paper at: Fcsjimun2017@gmail.com


  • Rodrigues Andre John
  • Chloe Natasha Caenaro
  • Ray Yeo
  • Johanna Lim Ziyun

Note: This council is a Double Delegation

photo from flickr by Daniel I. Scully