Mr. Bola Sunil Kamath

Associate Professor, Department of CSE

St Joseph Engineering College

Mangaluru - 575028



It has been quite some time in my profession as a teacher that i have realized that teaching is not just a noble profession but also a responsibility to be fulfilled. Though initially i struggled as a teacher of computer science as the technology was constantly changing and we do have to update regularly to stay on board. then there was need to acquire P.G and doctoral degrees to cater to the ever changing management needs of accreditation. This has made me more tougher, focused and sharper. We not only have to do classroom teaching but be a part of departmental portfolios like final year project management, sports advisory, placement advisory, student counseling and college level disciplinarian.

Teaching is an art which god gives to a chosen few . Though we may not have that art certainly we inherit in the place of our work. I have been extremely fortunate to mingle with my senior colleagues and professors who have constantly guided me to achieve greater heights in teaching.

I believe that teaching first years is not same as teaching final years. So i have differently plans for different year students. whereas the first year is mostly limited to chalk and talk work, dictating the notes, preparing notes etc. the final year teaching is mostly preparing and giving out ppts and guiding mini projects. the preparation for 2nd and 3rd year mainly involved constant preparation for class room work, encouraging student participation by means of doubt clearing and carefully preparing the internal question papers, Assignments, quizzes etc. It is in the labs that we find it easier to assess students more fully as we have to clear their doubts on the spot and i do insist on face to face viva on the subject of my lab.

I have individually encouraged timid students to prepare 3 questions or one or two comments before coming to class. This has worked well. Sometimes I assign weekly reading responses, or short in-class presentations by one or two students a week, on related topics not studied by the entire class. This gives the presenter a sense of responsibility and ownership for the topic, and enlarges the courses scope for all the students .