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How To Cook A Turkey


I would go hunting to get a turkey and use a bow. I would then take it home and clean it and take the feathers out. Next, I would put it in the oven and cook it for 1 hour on 50 degrees. Finally, I would cut it up and serve it to my family.


First, you buy a turkey. Second, you set the timer for 15 minutes and put the turkey in the oven on 90 degrees. Next, you let it cool off. Finally, you get to eat it.


First, you need to butcher the turkey. Next, take all the meat out. Then, you cook it on 100 degrees for 30 minutes. Last, you can cut it up and eat it.


First, you shoot a turkey. Second, butcher the turkey and pluck the feathers. Third, you take the turkey home and put it in the oven for 1 hour and 30 minutes on 90 degrees. Fourth, you take the turkey out of the oven. Fifth, you bring it to the table and eat it.


First, I would go the the woods to hunt a turkey. Then, I would take it home and then cook it for 1 minute at 100 degrees. Finally, I would take it out and put it on a plate. Last, I would stuff my mouth with juicy turkey.


First, you buy a turkey. Next, you will need to take the meat out of the turkey. Then, you need to put the meat in the oven and set the temperature at 90 degrees for 1 hour. Finally, you take the turkey out of the oven and serve it for dinner.


First, you butcher the turkey. Then you get a tray and put the turkey on the tray. Then, you heat the oven up. Then, once it's done heating up, you put the turkey in the oven. Then, once it's done cooking up, you put the turkey on a plate and you eat it.


First, you buy a turkey at Walmart. Next, you put it on a tray and turn the oven on. Then, you wait for 30 minutes so it can get crispy and good. Finally, you eat it, but first you have to share some with your friends.


First, you shoot a turkey. Then, you butcher or put it on the grill. After that you put it in a hot oven. Then, at Thanksgiving you eat the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

Daniel N.

First, get a turkey from the store. Second, get a grill from the store. Then put the turkey on a platter and set it on the grill. Cook it for an hour. After it cooks rinse it off. Then, put it on a clean platter and set it on the table. Slice the turkey and eat it.


First, you look for a turkey. When yo find one tickle it until it's dead. Then you will take it home to cook it. Turn the oven on to 100 degrees and cook the turkey for 17 hours. Take the turkey out of the oven and put it in the freezer to cool it off. If it's too cold warm it back up in the oven for 2 minutes. Take it out and eat it. Yum! It was good.


First, you find a turkey. Next, you kill the turkey. Then, you cook the turkey to 100 degrees fahrenheit. Last, you take the meat out of the oven. Then you slice the turkey and enjoy it!


First, you get a turkey form the store. Season the turkey, then you cook the turkey! Cook the turkey for 30 minutes in the oven. When it is done, take it out and put it on a tray. Get out plates and forks just incase. Then you get your family to the kitchen. Enjoy the food! P.S. Don't forget the napkins!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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