4th Grade Social Studies

***4th grade ch 9 lesson 3 and 4 quiz will be NEXT Friday, 2/28.

**I will NOT be counting the Lesson 2 sequencing worksheet in the grade book. We will go over it as a class!

Week of Feb. 17th, 2020

M: No school

T: no homework. Agriculture in the Classroom speaker tomorrow!

W: no homework.


F: the lesson 3 and 4 quiz will be in ONE WEEK from today -> Friday 2/28/2020

Week of Feb. 10th, 2020

M: chapter 9 lesson 1 and 2 quiz on Friday

T: Chapter 9 Lesson 1 worksheet if not done in class (Bargamian's class)

W: no homework (Pomper's class finished Lesson 1 worksheet in class, if not it is due for hw)

TH: Lesson 2 worksheet ONLY DO THE SEQUENCING + study for the chapter 9 lesson 1 and 2 quiz

F: Writing Prompt if not done in class.

Week of Feb 3rd, 2020

M: Study for the quiz

T: No homework

W: *******Reminder: 4th grade students take notes every day in their notebook. These notes correlate directly with their books and what they are quizzed on. Students should take their books AND notebooks home to study for each quiz! I remind students of this DAILY!*******

TH: no homework

F: no homework

Week of January 27, 2020

M: Study for the Chapter 7 lesson 3 and 4 quiz. Quiz is on Tuesday. (We played a review game in class today)

T: no homework

W: Chapter 8 Lesson 1 worksheet if not finished in class

TH: no homework

F: Chapter 8 lesson 1 and 2 quiz will be on Tuesday. No homework

Travel Brochure Directions:

  1. Pick a city and state from page 212 (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina .. Orlando, Florida .. Naples, Florida .. Charleston, South Carolina .. Atlanta, Georgia)
  3. Use your book to provide facts about the city (Getting around, The Growing Cities on p 212-213)
  4. Cover panel: City & State and an illustration
  5. 3 PANELS OF INFORMATION.. INCLUDE: Things to do, places to go, history, transportation, landforms, climate, fun facts! (using your book and chromebook) *pick at least 3 things to include

Week of January 20, 2020M: no schoolT: Finish reading lesson 3 p. 206-207 and complete Lesson 3 worksheetW: no homeworkTH: no homework. We will continue to do our travel brochures in class tomorrow.F: Lesson 4 worksheet due Monday. Study for the Lesson 3 and 4 quiz that is on Tuesday! USE YOUR NOTES AND YOUR BOOK!

**Extra Credit offered for 4th grade Social Studies 1/15/2020: Lesson 1 Review + Lesson 2 Review double-sided worksheet. 5 extra credit points if completed accurately. Due Friday 01/17/2020!!Week of January 13th, 2020M: no homeworkT: no homework. The chapter 7, Lesson 1 & 2 quiz is Friday.W: Lesson 2 worksheet. Study for the Lesson 1 & 2 quiz on Friday.TH: Study for lesson 1 and 2 quiz on Friday.F: no hw

Week of January 6th, 2020M: No homework. We will review Chapter 6, Lesson 3 tomorrow in class. On Wednesday, we will do a "mini project" for Lesson 3 instead of a quiz.T: Finish Chapter 6 Lesson 3 worksheet and Chapter 6 Lesson 3 Review Q's on page 183 #2, #3, and #4 (if not done in class)W: No homeworkTH: No homeworkF: Lesson 1 worksheet

Week of December 16th, 2019M: Elevation worksheet. Study for States and Capitals quizT: Chapter 6, Lesson 1 and 2 Quiz on Thursday!W: Lesson 2 worksheet and study for the quiz. TH: Read pages 178-179 if you did not in class.F:

Week of December 9th, 2019M: States and capitals quiz tomorrow 12/10. Lesson 3 and 4 quiz Thursday 12/12.T: States and capitals quiz (last one!) Tuesday 12/17. Lesson 3 and 4 quiz Thursday 12/12. Study!W: Lesson 4: Cities Grow and Change worksheet + lesson 3 and 4 quiz tomorrow! Study!TH: no homeworkF: Chapter 6 lesson 1 worksheet

Week of December 2ndM: Finish vertical timeline (if not done in class). Study for states and capitals quiz 3- quiz tomorrow!T: Next states and capital quiz on Tuesday 12/10/19.W: No homeworkTH: Lesson 3 worksheet. Please use your textbook and double check your answers! F: Finish "Writing Prompt: The Right to Vote" if not done in class.Lesson 3 and 4 quiz on Thursday 12/12/2019

Week of November 18thM: Ch.5 Lesson 1: The Naragansett People worksheet and study for states and capitals quizT: New states and capitals list given today- create flashcards & study! LESSON 1 + 2 QUIZ FRIDAYW: No homework- we will continue our research in class tomorrow. Please study for lesson 1+2 quiz that's on Friday.TH: Finish research project (5 sentences). Chapter 5 Lesson 2 worksheet. Study for lesson 1+2 quiz.F: No homework. Please remember to study for the next states and capitals quiz that is on Tuesday, December 3rd.

Week of November 11thM: Study for states and capitals quiz 1 (tomorrow). Study lesson 3 (quiz Wednesday)T: Study for the lesson 3 quiz (Wednesday) and Complete the study guide! 2nd STATES AND CAPITALS QUIZ ON TUESDAY 11/19W: No homeworkTH: no homeworkF: field trip no homework

Week of November 4thM:Study for the lesson 1 quiz! Use the blue lesson 1 worksheet, your textbook, and your notes!T: Study your states and capitals!W: Continue to study states and capitals! Lesson 2 worksheet (if not finished in class) and lesson 2 quiz will be on Friday. Please study using your notes and textbook! Also... finish writing notes of the steps of maple syrup from pages 114-115TH: Study for lesson 2 quizF: Study for states and capitals quiz

Week of October 28M: Study for the Chapter 3 test. Please use your book and your updated study guides (we went over the answers during class).T: no homeworkW: No homeworkTH: No homeworkF: Write a letter to a friend telling them all about your trip to the Northeast. Remember: 3 facts w/ details from the textbook! (if not finished in class). Also.. study for the lesson 1 quiz!

Week of October 21 - 25M: no homework. T: Write one paragraph on how modern transportation affects businesses and trade in the United States and around the world. Use your book! (page 82 will help) (5 sentences) W: Workbook page 17 if not done in class.TH: F: study guide

Week of October 14 - 18thM: no schoolT: "Lesson 1: The Land of Plenty" worksheet if not finished in class. (Remember: you are choosing the answer that is not correct! Read the directions carefully)W: no homeworkTH: no homeworkF: Create a comic strip showing someone making an economic choice (use pages 78-79 in your textbook to help if needed!) Please be thoughtful, neat, and color it!

Week of October 7th - 11thM: Test was moved to Wednesday! Complete your study guide + study!T: Study for the Chapter 2 test.W: no homeworkTH: no homeworkF: no homework
Week of September 30 - October 4thM: No homework. Tomorrow you will present your posters! T: Great job presenting today :) no homework!W: No homework. Please note the S.S test is on Tuesday! TH: no hwF: Chapter 2 Study Guide due Monday
Week of September 23 - 27M: Finish notes from page 49 "Fact File: Three Levels of Government" (write 1-2 facts per level of government)T: (4th grade Pomper: finish note taking on page 50 and 51 if not done in class).W: All 4th grade: Finish "Lesson 2: We the People" worksheet; Extra Credit 2 pts: How many representatives does IL have in the House of Representatives?TH: no h.wF: no h.w
Week of September 16M: No h/wT: No h/wW: Finish Lesson 1 Americans All Worksheet (if not done in class)TH: No h/wF: No school
Week of September 9 - 13M: No homework [Tomorrow we will finish our Midwest Fact File in class] and [Chapter 1 test Friday]T: Finish vocabulary from lesson 3 by Friday. (Vocab words on pages 28, 29, and 31)W: Complete Study Guide and study for Ch. 1 testTH: Study for Chapter 1 Test tomorrowF: No h/w'
Week of September 2 - 6M: No SchoolT: Climate worksheetW: Finish p. 23 Lesson 2 Review #2, #3, #4 (if not finished in class)TH: No homeworkF: Finish Lesson 3 Regional resources worksheet (if not finished in class)Have a great weekend!
Week of August 26 - 30M: No HomeworkT: Finish writing vocabulary in notebooks from textbook pages 12-13 + Workbook page 3.W: Lesson 1 Review #2, #3, #4 page 15 TH: No homework F: No homework