3rd Grade Social Studies

The Chapter 8 Test will be on Wednesday, 2/26/2020.

Week of Feb. 17th, 2020

M: No school

T: no homework



F: We started the study guide in class today. IT IS NOT HOMEWORK! We will finish it on Monday. Students can study with their study guide over the weekend if they choose to. Please study using your textbook and notebook!!!

**Extra credit offered: Scholastic News "Legends of the Wild West" Read the articles "Legends of the Wild West" and "On Top of the World" and answer all questions on the back of the magazine. Also answer the "Speak Like a Cowboy" questions (at the top of the back page). Due 02/14/2020Week of Feb. 10th, 2020M: Lesson 1 worksheet if not finished in class + Timeline worksheet if not done in class.T: no homework.W: no homeworkTH: no homeworkF: no homework

Week of Feb 3rd, 2020M: NEW DATE: The Chapter Test will be on Wednesday the 5th! Study!T: Study for the CH 7 TEST.W: no homeworkTH: no homeworkF: no homework

Week of January 27, 2020

M: The Chapter 7 test will be TUESDAY, FEB. 4TH.

T: no homework

W: Lesson 4 worksheet if not finished in class.

TH: no homework

F: Study guide! Study for the test that will be on Tuesday. Review game Monday.

Week of January 20, 2020M: no schoolT: no homeworkW: lesson 2 worksheetTH: no homeworkF: Lesson 3 worksheet due Monday

*EXTRA CREDIT OFFERED FOR SOCIAL STUDIES 1/15/2020: Read the Scholastic News Article "A Hero in the Making" and answer ALL of the questions on the back page (labeled News Timeline and News Review). Turn in by Friday, January 17th!Week of January 13th, 2020M: Study for the Chapter 6 testT: No homeworkW: No homework.TH: Lesson 1 worksheet F: no homework

Week of January 6th, 2020M: Chapter 6 Lesson 2 worksheet. Please use your book!T: The Chapter 6 Test will be next Tuesday, January 14th. W: no homeworkTH: Lesson 3 worksheetF: Complete the Chapter 6 study guide if not finished in class. Our test is Tuesday, the 14th. Study!
Week of December 16th, 2019M: No homework.T: no homeworkW: Lesson 1 worksheetTH: Finish the Glenwood Springs travel brochure if not done in class. There should be 3 panels of information that has pictures (colored). Use information from the book pages 172-175.F:

Week of December 9th, 2019M: Lesson 3 worksheet due tomorrow. CORRECTION: Chapter 5 test is on Friday! A study guide will be going home tomorrow.T: Chapter 5 test is on Friday! A study guide will be going home tomorrow.W: study guideTH: studyF: no h.w

Week of December 2nd: We are currently reading Chapter 5 of our S.S books. We are focusing on regions, landforms, climate, and the physical environment.M: Lesson 2 worksheetT: No homeworkW: No homeworkTH: Read pages 158-159 in textbook and complete the worksheet "Use a Line Graph"F: No homework. The Chapter 5 test will be Thursday, 12/12

Week of November 18thM: No homeworkT: Lesson 1 Worksheet W: No homework. Please turn in the lesson 1 worksheet if you have not already!TH: No homeworkF:

Week of November 11thM: Study for the Chapter 4 test that is on Wednesday. Complete the study guide.T: Study for the Chapter 4 test that is tomorrow!W: No homeworkTH:F: Field trip day no homework

Week of November 4thM: No (new) homework. Please turn in the drawing of a globe labeled with the equator, prime meridian, and hemispheres + the Understanding Hemispheres worksheet (if you did not today)T: Lesson 2: Celebrating a Community's Past worksheetW: no homeworkTH: no homeworkF: Lesson 3 worksheet due Monday

Week of October 28M: No homeworkT: No homeworkW: Chapter 4 Lesson 1 worksheet: please use your textbook and double check your answers! TH: Happy Halloween :)F: Finish your drawing of the globe with labels of the equator, prime meridian, Northern, and Southern hemispheres. + WORKSHEET "Understand Hemispheres"

Week of October 21 - 25M: no homeworkT: Create your own map! Draw a map (like the one on page 98). Make sure to include: your name, a compass rose, 1 sentence that describes one direction (like we talked about in class; example: "You can travel southeast to get from the museum to the lake). Please color it!W: Study for the Chapter 3 test! Use your textbook and study guide.TH: Study for ch 3 test!F: test today. no hw.

Week of October 14 - 18thM: no schoolT: "Lesson 3: Where Did They Come From?" worksheet.W: Respond to the prompt in your s.s notebook: Why saying The Pledge of Allegiance is Important. 2-3 sentences. [if not finished in class]TH: no homeworkF: Lesson 4 worksheet (writing a letter) (use your book to help you! use Ch. 3, lesson 4)

Week of October 7th - 11thM: no homeworkT: no homeworkW: Lesson 2: Learning New Customs worksheet if not finished in classTH: no homeworkF: no homework.
Week of September 30 - October 4thM: Finish the Chapter 2 study guide and study for the test! The test will be closed book.T: Study for the Chapter 2 test. Use your textbook and study guide!W: no hwTH: no hwF: no hw
Week of September 23 - 27M: Finish "Community" Art Project: Please finish drawing and decorating the Community art project. Students will be graded on neatness, spelling, and correct content. Each drawing should have a title and one sentence.T: No homeworkW: Lesson 3: An Urban Community (if not finished during class)TH: No homeworkF: Classify worksheet if not finished

Week of September 16M: Finish Lesson 1 Review #2, #3, #4 (page 41)T: No h/wW: no h/wTH: no h/wF: no school

Week of September 9 - 13M: No homework [Chapter 1 Test on Thursday]T: "Vocabulary Review" worksheet and finish Chapter 1 Study Guide.W: STUDY CHAPTER 1 REVIEW and Vocabulary Review! Test tomorrow.TH: No h/wF: No h/w
Week of September 2 - 6M: No SchoolT: Lesson 2 Review p. 23 - #2, #3, #4W: No homeworkTH: Lesson 3 review p. 29 - #2, #3, #4F: No homework. Have a great weekend!
Week of August 26 - 30M: No homeworkT: No homeworkW: Lesson 1 Review: Questions #2, #3, and #4. Page 15 (We completed #2 together in class)TH: No homeworkF: No homework