Coding & Robotics

Students in grades K to 5 spend at least 30 minutes a week in coding. St. John School uses the app Kodable which begins with lessons on sequence, conditions, loops, and functions. The students get to apply this knowledge in programming our resident robots.

As part of our after school programs, SJBS offers Kindergarten Robotics, Jr. Robotics for 1-4 students and Robotics for grades 5-8. The clubs meet once a week to build, program, and complete challenges with the robots.

Dash and Dot

They are real robots. The students learn to code and program them using five Wonder apps - Go, Path, Blockly, Xylo, and Wonder.


Inspired by Star Wars' BB-8, Sphero SPRK is a robotic ball which teaches students how to code. SPRK stands for Students, Parents, Robots, and Kids. Sphero is controlled through a mobile device such as a smartphone or iPad.


A snap together robotics system, great for future engineers. Promotes teamwork, problem solving, and leadership.

LEGO Mindstorm EV3

EV3 is the 3rd generation in LEGO's Mindstorm line of robots. Develops creative problem solving skills which enables students to become critical thinkers and future creators. This robot is geared more for middle school students.

Anki Cozmo

Cozmo is an AI robot with personality. It is always ready to play and learns as students interact with it.


Participating in Google's AI (Artificial Intelligence) Experiment