Mrs. O'Byrne's Second Grade Classroom

Each child is a gift with his/her own special wrapping.

Our Virtue for the month of January is:


6 Things Every Smart Home Needs:

1. A Dictionary- If your child is wondering about the spelling or meaning of a word have your child look it up. This will help your child with visualization skills as well as memory and pattern recognition. (**Your child has not yet learned how to use the dictionary, however I will let you know when I do teach the skill, so you can reinforce it at home.

2. A Brain- boosting library- Stock it with books, magazines, crossword puzzles, mazes, and brain-teasers.

3. A Domino Set- Play the classic game to reinforce your child's number skills, then build knock-em down course to enhance their creativity.

4. A Special Reading Spot- It could be as simple as a corner with a big pillow on the floor, a good light, and a basket of books.

5. World Map- Post it on the wall for easy access. Have quiz show in which family members compete to answer questions such as "Which 3 countries make up North America?"

6. Table for jigsaw puzzles- Puzzles help build cognitive skills, problem solving, fine motor development, and self- esteem.

(from Create & Learn, Disney Family Fun)