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Can you believe we are in term 2 already!?

Term 2 promises to be a good one, with an excursion early in the term to the Museum to explore Our Shared History with Indigenous People in Melbourne. This will serve as an introduction to our inquiry topic for terms 2 and 3 "Ritual & Ceremony: Both Past and Present".

Our STEAM sessions will continue on Monday afternoons as we begin engineering our own mechanics and robots. Literacy will see us delve into persuasive writing and with the Federal election landing in the middle of the term, we will also be looking at persuasive devices in our reading sessions too. In Mathematics we will start to unpack Multiplication and Division in more depth as well as consolidating the rest of the four processes along the way. As a way of applying our number skills, we will engage in problem solving activities and have a real focus on our reasoning skills.

Our work with the children on Respectful Relationships, MJR and Cyber Safety will be especially important this term as the students move further into the year. Set backs and conflict is an inevitable part of learning how to socialise and we aim to guide the children through these challenges with the framework of Positive Behaviour for Learning.

During term 2 Miss Wood will be venturing off to Norway to visit family for 3 weeks, and we welcome Mrs Kelly back to St Joseph's to facilitate the learning in grade 5 in her absence. As a team we are looking forward to another term in the Senior Learning Community and will keep you up to date with our progress throughout the term.

Miss Wood (Grade 5 Teacher) / Mr. Brooks (Grade 6 Teacher) / Mr. Sandison (Grade 6 Teacher)