Grade 1/2


Visit this website for the most current insight into what we are learning and teaching in Grade 1/2. You will find News updates, Learning Strategies (Literacy, Maths, STEAM/ Inquiry) and Important dates. Remember though, that you are always welcome to come and speak with the class teachers in Grade 1/2 if you have any questions, queries or complaints (it's usually easier to explain ourselves face to face).


The Latest

The children have settled into the pace of school really well in the last couple of weeks and are beginning to regain their abilities to knuckle down to work - it always takes a while after Christmas.


Check out what we've been doing in Maths this week as part of our Data/ Measurement/ Number mash up. In week 4 we will begin our maths rotations where the students are taught to their point of need based on assessment that was done at the end of 2017.


We have started literacy groups this week and are slowly introducing the routines and procedures involved with rotations and independent seat work.


We began building ramps in preparation for testing forces next week. Of course this activity tested their personal and interpersonal capabilities and carried through to some more work on having a growth mindset.

Class Dojo

Thank you to those families that have signed up to Class Dojo. If you haven't connected yet, never fear; I have sent home another copy of the instructions.

The students will be earning Dojo points this year again and they will be linked with our ongoing School Wide Positive Behaviour Support program. You will be able to access your child's points through the Class Dojo website (click here).

In addition to the Dojo points the children will be accumulating, the teachers will be recording your child's assessment results, work samples and progress across the curriculum as part of our Reporting Package. Class Dojo will send a notification to you when this feedback has been added to your child's 'Story'.

While this is a fantastic way for us to share ongoing reporting with families, we are also mindful that constant alerts can be counter-productive, so the updates will be limited to assessment pieces.


As part of the school's Child Safety policy, the school needs to be aware of any absences via phone call to the office, email or letter prior to the roll being taken in the mornings. This is so that we can follow up any unexplained absences, and make sure everyone is safe and where they need to be.

RE Dates for 2018 (Dates subject to change)

Whole school mass: Friday 23 February 9.15am

Gr 5 Reconciliation: Friday 23 February 10am

Gr 3 Reconciliation Parent Faith night: Wednesday 28 February 7pm

Whole school mass: Friday 9 March 9.15am

Reconciliation Gr 4: Friday 9 March 10am

Sacrament of Reconciliation Gr 3: Wednesday 14 March 7pm

St Joseph’s Feast day: Monday 19 March (liturgy) 9.15am

Whole school mass: Friday 23 March 9.15am

Holy Week story (whole school): Thursday 29 March 12pm

Important Dates

Parent Information Night: Tuesday 6 February 7pm

St Joseph's Feast Day: Monday 19 March

School Photos: Wednesday 21 March

School Masses and Assemblies occur on Friday mornings on alternating weeks at 9am. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Check the weekly school newsletter for details.