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Updated 27/7/18

The Latest - Week 4

It's hard to believe that we're halfway through August and almost the term.

We have been working hard in all aspects of learning, but perhaps none more so than our relationships and resilience. Learning to respect ourselves and others is at the core of our school's values. We strive, everyday, to be compassionate and kind people and we have been practicing how to deal with negative situations that mat occur, so that we can live and work together harmoniously. These skills can take time and require explicit teaching, but we recognise these as important skills and try to have fun as we learn them.


Our inquiry is taking us into the realm of FORCES. Specifically push and pull forces and how they are present in our daily lives.


We take a break from the regular number activities this week to focus on FRACTIONS! Always a favourite, and a great opportunity for some hands on activities.


Non-Fiction texts take the focus of Literacy this term and we encourage families to inject a little bit of non-fiction reading into their routines to make the school reading more tangible. Click here for some example of non-fiction text types and their features.


Reading Journals need to be kept in school bags and will be checked on Wednesdays.

Home spelling books need to be kept in school bags and are required on Mondays and Fridays for new spelling words.

Readers (levelled books) are replenished on a Monday and returned on a Friday. Each child will grab 4 texts to read during the week, but as always, they can come and change them when they please.

Classroom Expectations

Mrs. Conway and Mr. Sandison will be continuing to set high expectations not only around behaviour, but effort, and a demonstrating a growth mindset. Class Dojo points will continue our focus on positive reinforcement and supporting our SWPBS program.


As part of the school's Child Safety policy, the school needs to be aware of any absences via phone call to the office, email or letter prior to the roll being taken in the mornings. This is so that we can follow up any unexplained absences, and make sure everyone is safe and where they need to be.

Term 3 Important Dates

(Subject to change)


28th District Athletics HOLT

31st Father’s Day breakfast


3rd School Closure Day

4th School Closure Day

10th - 19th Swimming Program F– Gr 4

12th Grades 3 & 4 Camp Meeting

21st End of Term 3 – children are dismissed at 1.00pm

We've had a few birthdays since we last posted. Happy Birthday to Charlie and Reeve and Lucia! We hope you had awesome days.