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Term 4 news

Updated 23/10/18

The Latest

Term 4 will be choc-o-block full of activities designed to engage the students in the Capabilities (VicCurriculum) as well as the usual suspects of Literacy, RE and Maths and the specialists.

We welcome back Annette Kelly to the class as Bridgette Conway takes her maternity leave. We wish Bridge all the best for her impending birth and hope that we can meet the little bub when he finally arrives.

A celebration of learning is occurring on over two sessions; Tuesday after school 3:30pm - 5:00pm, then again the following day, Wednesday before school 8:00am - 8:45am. This is a great opportunity to come and hear from the children what they have been doing in class and how they have worked their way through their personal challenges


We are continuing our work with multiplication and division for the remainder of the term (bit of a division joke there). For multiplication we focus on arrays as a way of illustrating what each of the multiplication tables means. We focus on the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables first and then work through the 3, 4 and 6s.

You can help by pointing out any arrays in everyday life. Here's a Google search just to give you a visual on what we're talking about.


Have you ever thought that your child would make a good politician because they can argue with you until they are blue in the face. Well unfortunately, this term we will be working on persuasive writing. Again we use the seven steps to writing success as our framework, so that it as engaging as possible.


Reading Journals need to be kept in school bags and will be checked on Wednesdays.

Home spelling books need to be kept in school bags and are required on Mondays and Fridays for new spelling words.

Readers (levelled books) are replenished on a Monday and returned on a Friday. Each child will grab 4 texts to read during the week, but as always, they can come and change them when they please.

Term 4 Important Dates

(Subject to change)

October Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Alana on the 19th

Classroom Expectations

Mrs. Conway and Mr. Sandison will be continuing to set high expectations not only around behaviour, but effort, and a demonstrating a growth mindset. Class Dojo points will continue our focus on positive reinforcement and supporting our SWPBS program.


As part of the school's Child Safety policy, the school needs to be aware of any absences via phone call to the office, email or letter prior to the roll being taken in the mornings. This is so that we can follow up any unexplained absences, and make sure everyone is safe and where they need to be.