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Welcome to Term 4! :) Can you believe we have entered the last term of Foundation before your children transition into Year 1? This year has been full of lots of new adventures, making new friends and learning new things so no wonder the year has absolutely flown by!

Term 4 = school hats! Students must wear their school hats otherwise they will not be allowed to play. If your child has not yet brought their school hat back to school yet, could you please do this ASAP.

You would think in Term 4 we would be unwinding for the year, but not us! As you know on Monday 25th November, the whole school will be participating in our production so get ready to hear lots of the two songs we will be performing (I hope you like The Little Mermaid and The Wizard of Oz!!!) We've already tried on glittery costumes and begun dancing and are absolutely having a ball! In addition to this, our Inquiry topic will focus on other avenues of the ARTS, where we will learn about body language and facial expressions, participate in role plays and do plenty of visual art - how much fun!!

In Maths, we will revisit addition and place value (e.g. 15 = 1 ten and 5 ones), continue learning to skip count by 2's, 5's and 10's, introduce odd and even numbers, look at Australian money and the different values, as well as compare the length of different objects.

Last term in writing we all wrote our very own stories which are getting published and delivered later this term. This term we will unpack what a narrative story is and how each one has a beginning, a middle which has a problem and then solved and then the ending. We will also learn how to write a simple letter to Santa and to our Year 1 teacher.

Monday - Thursday mornings, the students do reading groups and complete various activities based on their level of need. Reading groups usually goes from 9 - 9.50 am. If you are available to help out for reading groups, please let me know - we would love to have your assistance in the classroom :)

In Foundation we have begun a student led 'Star of the Day' where one student will be looking each day for someone who is striving for excellence, showing kindness & resilience, letting others join in, using their manners, being a W.E.S.T. person and always trying their best. At the end of the day, the child will present this person with a star and this person will become tomorrow's person looking for the new Star of the Day. This will encourage students to not only try their best, but to also encourage peer feedback.

Our student teacher Miss D will finish with us at the end of Week 3. We are so fortunate to have had her in our class for 8 weeks teaching us lots of wonderful things. We wish her all the best as she embarks on the wonderful journey of teaching :)

Lock yourselves in for a jam packed Term 4, hold onto your Foundation children because they are ALMOST in Year 1!

Thanks for a wonderful year so far and I look forward to the final hurdle :)

Amy Angele


  • Please remind your children to bring their High Frequency Word Bag to school every day. Students complete various activities with their words and it can make it challenging if students don't bring them
  • Take home readers are changed each Monday - please remind your children to bring their reading pencil case so they can change their books.
  • Library is every Tuesday. Students are to return their library books and bags to school in order to borrow a new book.
  • Specialists are on Wednesdays. Students are to wear their full sports uniform.


As part of the school's Child Safety policy, the school needs to be aware of any absences via phone call to the office, email or letter prior to the roll being taken in the mornings. This is so that we can follow up any unexplained absences, and make sure everyone is safe and where they need to be.

Term 3 Important Dates

(Subject to change)

October Birthdays

Happy Birthday to:

  • Thomas H on the 27th
  • Olivia on the 28th

November Birthdays

Happy Birthday to:

  • Cassandra on the 5th
  • Maddison on the 5th

Classroom Expectations

Mrs Angele sets high expectations not only around behaviour, but effort, and demonstrating a growth mindset. Class Dojo points will focus on positive reinforcement and supporting our PBL (Positive Behaviour of Learning) Behaviour Matrix.

Students of the Week

Certificates are handed out at each assembly.