Tainan Municipal Syuejia Elementary School


Our School

Welcome to Syue Jia Elementary School (SJAES) ! Our school is located in Tainan city, Syue Jia district. SJAES was founded in 1906. Our school includes a kindergarten and a primary school, more than 350 students currently. The total amount of students is increasingly growing year after year.

The school provides a caring, nurturing, supportive and vibrant learning environment for students to trigger their learning motivation and fulfill their potentials. A variety of quality-oriented curriculum and programs have been provided for our students to cultivate their academic, physical, social and affective skills. Students are able to immerse in  a cooperative and scaffolding learning atmosphere and, thus becomes the master of learning. 

Founded in 2013, English Village, located in a whole new building in our school, is the most prominent program. It aims to create a language immersion environment for students of non-native speakers. The classrooms within the village are designed as theme-based context to teach learners different aspects of communication in English. In addition, Mobile English Van, which extends the English Village program, travels to nearby school to offer extra English classes. Furthermore,  foreign teachers design communicative curriculum for our students in a authentic setting. 

In addition to core curriculum, we recognize the importance of multi-intelligence so as to reach students' potential.The extracurricular activities are well developed for students to participate in, which enables them to be more interested, engaged and well involved.There are four major students clubs which makes our school vibrant and extraordinary. We strongly believe students are supposed to develop their different aspects of aptitude and thus exert their strength on diverse fields. Come and join us!

The Spotlight

Address: 72647 No.30, Yixiu, Xuejia Dist., Tainan City 726, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 

Telephone: 06-7833220 ext. Principle Office:111 Academic Affairs Office:121 Student Affairs Office: 131 General Affairs Office:141 Personnel Office: 113 Health Center: 135

Fax: 06-7820064